Want to Contribute?

Are you a startup business expert or just want to share your finance, marketing, or organizational advice with other entrepreneurs?

If the answer is YES, Startup Jungle would love to collaborate with you!

Startup Jungle is a business startup entity dedicated to providing daily inspiration to our readers, keeping them updated on the latest in business news and trends, and curating a supportive community where aspiring and current business owners can nurture their entrepreneurial drive while creating their dream life one piece at a time.

Have we got your attention yet? If so, let’s go over how you can become a regular contributor for Startup Jungle.

First off, who would we love to work with?

We’d love to work with anyone who LOVES:

  • Marketing – be it creating offers; staying updated with funnel methods, current marketing trends; or, writing about observations and lessons you have learned through experience.
  • Finance – be it money saving tips, investment information or how to make a budget. If you love writing and are passionate about all things finance, we want to hear from you!
  • Human Resources Advice & Tips – if you have a lesson you’ve learned and want to impart upon others, professional or personal development tips,or anything you feel would help other business owners live a more fulfilling and happier life, share it with us and be featured on Startup Jungle!
  • Operations – have you read any books you think everyone should be reading, or have amazing operational advice? If so, write one or several posts for us sharing your experience. If you think it’s worth sharing, we probably do too.

Now that you know who we’re looking for, what is this gig all about?

First and foremost, this is NOT a full-time gig. This is for writers/bloggers who want to make a name for themselves writing about topics they truly LOVE.

This collaboration is ideal for those:

  • Who have a full-time job
  • Have a passion they would love to share with others
  • Who want to direct a little more traffic to their own blog or business

Still interested? Great! To get started, please:

  • Send us an email at admin@startupjungle.com or fill out the form below!
  • Tell us a little bit about who you are, what you want to write about and why it is you love that certain topic
  • Once we contact you, send us post topics you have in mind as well as examples of work you’ve done, posts you’ve written or pictures you’ve taken.
  • If the quality of your work is in line with our site, we’ll work on your TRIAL POST as well as subsequent post topics.

Things To Know:

  • We would like to emphasize that WE RESERVE THE RIGHT to choose which photos of yours get published. Please note that not every photo you submit will be published.
  • PLEASE send us examples (high-quality photos) of your work. That’s the only way we can tell whether our collaboration would be a good match and beneficial for the both of us.
  • Did we mention how important EXAMPLES were? Yup, they’re the most important part of the process. Along with your name and email, that is.

If you can’t wait to get started, please fill out the form below or send us an email at