How To Start A Firearm Training Instructor Business

By Mike Gomez

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Short-arm fireram training

Are you someone that possesses extreme skill and accuracy in shooting and enjoy the sport as a hobby?

Are you an ex-marine or army soldier?

Are you a huntsman (or huntswoman) who knows how to fire away at a target that is quite a distance from you?

If you are a well-rounded person that knows their way with a gun, why not use the skills you have and turn it into a profitable business?

There are a lot of people who would love to learn how to use a gun just as well as you and are willing to spend the money to acquire the skill.

firearm training

How Big Is The Firearm Training Instructor Business Industry?

It is probably not much of a shocker to know that guns alone are a multi-billion dollar business.

Currently, about one in every three households own a gun and over 30 million tags, permits, and stamps are sold in just the US alone — and these numbers are growing.

The last few years also show that searches for firearm instructors have tripled.

These figures are important to those who want to get into the firearm training business because there are most certainly clients out there, namely new shooters.

Why Starting A Firearm Training Instructor Business Now Is A Good Idea

There are millions of people around the globe that are taking defense classes to protect themselves, and firearm training classes is one of the most popular classes to take.

Many people want to know how to use guns and want to attend classes so they can be educated on the proper and safe way to use them.

Firearm Training Instructor Business Facts

Firearm Training Business Instructor Startup Costs:

You can successfully start this business if you have a few thousand dollars to invest.

If you have a low budget plan, you can start with as little as $2,000-$5,000.

A majority of the costs will come from the space and the equipment.

How Much Do Firearm Training Instructors Make?

Prices will vary depending on the state you live, the profit you make your initial year, and the revenue you make after that.

Nonetheless, the average firearm training instructor can expect to make about $50,000 for the year.

How Much Do Firearm Training Instructors Charge?

You will want to charge your clients for every class that they take.

Your classes can be daily, weekly, or whatever blend you wish it to be.

Can Start I From Home?: No

Average Startup Cost: $2,000 – $10,000

How Many People Work in the Industry (US): A Quarter Million 

Average Earnings: $45,000 – $100,000 

What Skills Are Required? No skills are required; you truly only need to just know how to shoot, and then get yourself a certification to teach.    

How do Firearm Training Instructors Find Customers? You should market your business by building relationships with shooting ranges and gun clubs. It would also be an excellent idea to hold seminars in your area (at no charge) to gain leads and turn them into clients.

Detailed Startup Costs

NRA Endorsed Insurance (Professional Liability): $500 – $1,000

Mini, Portable Video Camera: $100 – $800

Shooting Location Rental: $800 – $5,000

Supplies/Equipment: $200 – $600

License/Certification: $1,900 – $9,400

Total: $3,800 – $18,800 

Firearm Training Instructor Business Ideas

First, you should set up a goal that is completely controllable by you where you can measure your success and failure.

Keep in mind there should be no goal made that is not high or without a purpose.

Keeping everything written down after you have decided upon a goal.

Afterward, you should analyze what your best skills are and what gun you work the best with on the spot.

The visual aspect of where you base your services is also important.

It will not only put your clients at more ease and feel more comfortable, it will also serve you by improving your ability to see.

Do you offer Class/Group Training? 

group firearm training

Class Firearm Training Instructor

group firearm tutorial

Or do you specialize in one on one training?

personal firearm training

[photo credit: bikeriderlondon]

one on one firearm training

short arm firearm training

Firearm Training Instructor Business Names

  • Robert’s Professional Firearm Training Business
  • Florida’s Best Defensive Firearms Training Company
  • Lynn’s Firearm Training School
  • Marley Firearm Training Academy LLC
  • Carry the Load Firearm Training
  • Absolute Victory Firearms Training
  • Michigan’s Finest Firearm’s Trainers
  • Skilled Firearm Defense Category
  • Firearm’s Training Center
  • Personal Security and Firearms
  • USA Gunplay Firearm Company
  • Law Enforcement Firearm Business
  • Miami Firearms Training LLC
  • Security Awareness Firearm Training Services

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