How To Start A Home Inspection Business

By Mike Gomez

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Do you have a love, talent, and interest in remodeling or constructing a home from scratch? 

If so, then making plans to start a home inspection business of your very own would be a very good idea.

If you are more of a novice in either area, it would be better to converse and get in contact with other home inspectors and work alongside them until you are ready to go solo or begin a partnership.

You may enjoy helping others by figuring out whether or not there is a remodeling or construction complication at hand.

From there, it may be fun to you to get your hands dirty and help those people giving advice on the best remodeling projects and increase the value of their homes.

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How Big Is The Home Inspection Business Industry?

There are several businesses that someone may be employed in that are shaky and are dependent on trends.

Those are the jobs and businesses you want to be weary of doing.

However, ever since the home inspection business came into the scene around the 1970’s, it has been doing nothing but thriving.

Every day people rely on home inspectors, which may be you, to help them make one of the most important financial decisions of their lives.

The ASHI, American Society of Home Inspectors, estimate that about 80% of homes sold in the US and Canada get inspected beforehand –that is millions of homes!

Nonetheless, the market remains under served while the need expands.

Here is where you want to come in and create a business for yourself because the industry is far from saturated.

Why Starting A Home Inspection Business Now Is A Good Idea

The average family owns or may decide to rent a home, right?

With people moving in and out of a dwelling, home inspections are a must, so it is not a business that can go away because it is a business needed for homes.

In fact, starting a home inspection business of your own is one of America’s top 50 hottest jobs.

Not only that, these days there has been a significant increase in consumer awareness and new property condition disclosure laws.

Buyers and lenders alike demand a pre-purchase home inspection much more than they did even a decade ago.

With the Real Estate Market growing popular, there is no better time to get certified.

Why wait any longer when you can join the ever-growing multi-million dollar industry?

Home Inspection Business Facts

Home Inspection Business Startup Costs:

Start-up costs will vary, but you can successfully start the business with as little as $500. On average, startup costs may be about $5,000-$8,0000.

How Much Do Home Inspectors Make?

The average home inspector makes $55,000 annually according to BLS.

How Much Do Home Inspectors Charge?

The amount will depend on what region you are in as well as how old and how large the house among other things. Still, an most inspectors charge about $300-500 per visit.

What Do I Need to Start a Home Inspection Business?

Can I start from home: No

Average startup cost: $500 – $10,000

How many people work in the industry (US): Half a million

Average earnings: $45,000 – $65,000 a year

What skills are required?: Knowledge in the construction of a home (like heating, cooling, roofing, plumbing, electrical, interior, exterior). You should also know how to communicate, possess problem-solving and time management skills, and understand how to write reports (they’re easy!)

How do home inspectors find customers?: Your customers will be husbands, wives, mortgage lenders, attorneys, real estate agents, investors, or other groups of people looking to buy a house. You want to specifically market to them and they will come to you.

Detailed Startup Costs

Digital Camera: $100 – $275

Clipboard and Tape Measure: $15

Smartphone: $80 – $450

Home Inspector Tool Kit: $200 – $2,000

Stepladder: $30

License/Insurance: $100 – $200

Total: $525 – $2,970

Home Inspection Business Ideas

Out of anything you can do to help grow your business, focusing on your inspection report will prove to be the most helpful marketing tool to you.

It will be your job to process whatever data you find during each house visit into a language that all your clients can comprehend.

There are several questions you want to ask yourself when you are at that stage: what exactly is it that your clients expect? What effect will it have on your bottom line? How much time and money are you willing to put into making the reports?

Finding out what will work best for you will not only help you profit more overall, it will produce happy paying customers that will promote you.

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Home Inspection Business Names

  • Majestic Home Inspections Inc.
  • Homestead Inspections
  • First Choice Inspectors
  • Castle Inspections
  • Home Inspector’s Best
  • Urban Dwelling Inspection
  • Property Inspector LLC
  • Signature Home Inspection
  • Metro Home Inspections
  • Precision Home Inspections
  • Home Trust Inspections

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