How To Start A Fence Company Business

By Adam Boyd

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If you love working outside and putting your construction know-how to use to create functional and beautiful property enhancements, you just may have what it takes to start a fencing company.

A passion for community networking, contractor law as well as marketing and business administration will also be necessary to generate enough business to make your company profitable.

If this description beats in tune with the heart of your dreams, owning a fence company might very well be the right career move for you.

How Big Is The Fencing Industry?

The fencing industry brings in $6 billion per year in revenue from the services of over 21,000 businesses and nearly 41,000 employees, according to IBIS World.

Why Starting A Fence Company Business Now Is A Good Idea

With residential construction on the upswing, the demand for fencing for security, aesthetics, and added property value is following in its wake. The Freedonia Group predicts that the increase in building and remodeling will drive revenues up seven percent annually for the next couple of years, bringing the total market to $9 billion by 2018.

Fence Company Business Facts

Here are some facts and figures about the fence company you should consider:

Fence company startup costs

$2,000 to $10,000, according to Entrepreneur

How much do fencers make?

Com reports that wages for fence installers range from $9.85 to $20.07 per hour or about $21,000 to $51,000 per year.

How much do fencers charge?

Depending upon the type of fencing materials used, a professional fencing job can run anywhere from $0.20 to $300 per foot. From least expense to most expensive, fencing types range from a high tensile electric fence, a five-strand nonelectric wire fence, woven wire fence, chain-link fence, wooden fence, vinyl fence, a wrought iron-style fence or an aluminum fence.

How do fencers find customers?

Concentrate on relationships with housing developers to land big contracts for new housing tracts. Networking with insurance adjusters and tree removal services can help you get referrals after a storm or natural disaster that damaged fences. Advertise in local papers, TV, and radio. Get involved with your local community to keep yourself in range to hear about business construction projects and submit a bid for the job. Schools, playgrounds, and daycare facilities are prime candidates for fencing installation and repair jobs. Keep estimate forms on hand as you drive around town and if you see a fence in need of repair or replacement, knock on the door and ask if the home or business owner would like an estimate. Leave your business card. Maintain a professional website and active social media presence to create community connections that keep your name on the tip of people’s tongue when they need a fence installed or repaired.

What skills are required?

Physical stamina and strength, construction skills, knowledge of contracting law, business administration and payroll, people skills, accounting and bookkeeping, scheduling, logistics and organization, attention to detail and quality.

What do I need to operate a fence company?

Tech savvy, construction helpers, computer, printer/scanner, ink and paper, email, bookkeeping, accounting and payroll system; billing and receivables system, estimate forms; scheduling system, brochures or fliers, business cards, social media accounts and a website; tools of the trade; and a work truck.

Fence Company Business Ideas

Having various designs

Offer fence repair and maintenance

Struggling with what to name your fence company? Here are a few ideas:

Fence Builders, Inc. FenceCo
Fencing Specialists, LLC Evergreen Fence Installation
Fence Me In Stonehenge Fencing
The Fence Master A Fence for All Seasons
Hurricane Fencing Ltd. Chisholm & Sons Fence Specialists
Pacific Northwest Fence Company Fences R Us
Fences Unlimited Custom Fence Installation
Quality Fence Design Fencing Unlimited

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