How To Start A Patio Or Deck Business

By Adam Boyd

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Curved patio

Are you a constructor who likes to add space onto homes to make them appear extremely attractive?

 Are you a wise carpenter that can come up with the best deck concepts?

Are you an exterior designer at heart?

Having a knack for building and upgrading homes and using those skills to work as a patio and deck builder could be the perfect choice for you.

If the desire is there but you don’t have any experience, there are workshops and classes available to get you started.

How Big Is The Patio/Deck Business Industry?

patio business

Making improvements and changes to a home is becoming extremely popular and possibly even more common than building a new home.

Millions of dollars are earned in this industry.

There are people who choose to add to their house as a way to raise the overall value of their house, others who use it for the functionality, and some who choose to for entertainment purposes.

No matter which customer you get, they all will want you to be there to give them a patio or deck.

Home improvement is big and installing customized patios and decks are attractive to many home owners.

There are millions of Americans who live in a home that they love and want to give it that extra pizzazz instead of moving.

Why Starting a Patio/Deck Business Now is a Good Idea?

curved patio

People love to renovate and make their homes look more refreshed by doing something different.

There is no better time than the present to jump start your business.

People think about adding patios and screens to protect themselves from small animals, insects, and to have some form of a barrier from the sun.

Many homeowners who do not have a fence around their home would like it installed for aesthetic and protection purposes as well. 

A deck is a must for those who enjoy to lounge outside, have barbecues and host events.

Most homes lack these extras, and people are constantly looking for these fixes from a professional.

poolside deck

Patio/Deck Business Facts

Patio/Deck  Business Startup Costs:

Expect to invest between $10,000-$50,000 to get started

How Much Do Patio/Deck Builders Make?

Patio/Deck Builders make approximately $55,000 per year.

How Much Do Patio/Deck Builders Charge?

The price will vary tremendously as it depends on what materials you need to gather, and your customer’s vision of the finished product.  Labor costs are often also involved.

      Materials: If a customer is looking to build something small, such as a 8×10 foot deck, then you will likely need about $500 worth of material.

If they were looking for a 10×16-foot deck then you will need about three times worth the material — about $1,500.

The type of material you use, like natural or pressure-treated wood,  is also another way of calculating costs.

Customers may also want to add greenery or furnish the area — another thing to include with costs.

    Charge per Square Foot: How much you decide to charge per square foot will depend on you.

You can find out the most appropriate costs by looking at the prices of other deck builders in your area.

What Do I Need to Start a Patio/Deck Business?

wooden deck

Can I start from home?: No

Average startup cost: $10,000 – $15,000

How many people work in the industry (US): Nearly a million

Average earnings: $40,000 – $68,000 a year

What skills are required?: Knowledge in construction, electrical and plumbing, layout, and design. You should also have great communication and problem-solving skills, know how to manage time and understand how to create outlines for your customers.

How do patio/deck builders find customers?: Your customers will often be homeowners and those who come to you through word of mouth referrals. Mortgage lenders, businesses, and investors are also clients that you will want to attract. Use fliers, business cards, start a website, and use ads to promote your business.

Detailed Startup Costs

Construction Material (as needed): $8,500 – $12,000

Equipment for Material (can rent or buy): $300 – $1,500

Tool Box: $100 – $500

Insurance: $200 (annually)

Builder’s License & Permit: $150 – $400

Total: $9,250 – $14,550

Patio/Deck Business Ideas

Your creativity and blueprint where you show what you envision will be imperative to your business.

A great idea to maximize your profits would be to start your own decking business where you will be able to sell sundecks directly to your customers.

Keep in mind that if you do this, it will be the most costly for you to set up and establish.

You should even think about marketing the sundeck sales and installation service to your clients in either a showroom or displays so they will be inclined to do business with you.

fire place patio

Patio/Deck Business Names

  • Deck Masters
  • All Hands on Deck
  • Top Deck Builders
  • Allen’s Decking Company
  • Professional Deck Builders
  • Freeway Deck and Fencing
  • Mike’s Patio, Fence, and Decking Business
  • Deck the House Building Services
  • A Full Deck
  • One Heckuva Deck
  • House Decking Masters
  • Ron’s Deck Depot
  • Woody Wood Decking
  • ProDeck Builders
  • Right the First Time Decking
  • Expert Fencing and Decking Inc.

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