Top 10 Ways To Increase Buying Frequency in Your Jewelry Business

By Savannah Runge

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So, you love selling jewelry and the business that you’re in, but you just don’t know how to increase the buying frequency in your jewelry business. It is simple to increase your buyers, but it can truly be a daunting task if you don’t have any idea where to start. To help you get started, we’ve come up with the top 10 ways to increase buying frequency in your jewelry business.


The biggest part of any business is creating a brand for yourself. You need to market your jewelry and get the word out there about your business. By making sure that people know you, your product, and your business, you will be sure to have plenty of repeat customers.

Get It On

Scared to let go of that ring and just let the customer try it on? Our advice: just do it. It can be frustrating in the jewelry business. There is always a chance that your customer could turn out to be that latest suspect in stolen jewelry crimes. The good news is that your business probably has insurance, so go ahead and let your customers try on that great ring- one piece at a time, please! Pro tip: if you have a male customer shopping for a woman, use a female staff member to get the full effect of the ring.


That ring would look great with that necklace. Your earrings need an extra set of backs. Do you need any jewelry? That bracelet will be perfect with the earring set that’s going on sale next month. These are just a few options for add-ons to your customer’s jewelry purchase.

Niche Objects

Find a product that is unusual and showcase it. It can be a big risk to show off something that not everyone has (or not everyone will want), but it will pay off in the long run. Someone will like your special product and will tell their friends who will tell their friends. Soon you’ll be the best jewelry store with the most unique piece in the whole town.

Yearly Releases

Choose something that you will release on an annual or semiannual basis. The build up to this big release will have people lining up outside of your store the day before it drops and you’ll have tons of repeat customers.


If you can identify with your customers, you’ll be able to make that connection. Don’t pick something shallow, they’ll recognize that. Get to truly know your customers and have an idea of what they like. Everyone has something in common and you should hone in on that.


By only releasing a few of each piece, you will entice your customers with the specials that you have. Make it a big deal that the first ten or the first five will get the new piece that you’re releasing. People will come back year after year to take their chance at being one of the first.

Delight Your Customers

Go above and beyond. Walk the customers out the door after their purchase. Be waiting for shoppers with a warm coffee and a soft cookie. The little things are what make the customers come back to your store instead of heading to your competitors.


While it is easy to get caught up in the most popular trends of jewelry, make sure that you’ve got some items that are exclusive to your store only. By offering pieces that customers can’t find anywhere else, they will come back to you for all of their needs in the future. They’ll know that they can get an exclusive product just from you.

Social Media

While social media and jewelry companies can be tricky, you don’t want to be that korny kompany that begins all of their kisses with a certain letter, you do want to create a media presence for your customers. They will be happy that they can find you on the site that they’re always tuned into. Use your social media account to offer exclusive sales, deals, and an insider look at your jewelry business.

What are some of your favorite ways to keep your customers coming back? Let us know which ones you want to do to increase buying frequency.

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