Top 10 Local Advertising Agencies to List Your Moving Company

By Kari Andrews

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If you’ve been having trouble getting the customers that you need, it may not be your fault. It might be resting on the shoulders of your advertising. Any company that provides moving services needs to have a great advertising agency list their business. Our list of the top 10 advertising agencies for your moving company will allow your customers to find you, will give you more of a chance over your competitors, and will bring your moving company to the next level.



Local Newspapers

local newspapers

The local newspaper will be your best bet for advertising. While people don’t necessarily read the paper as much as they did years ago, they still look at the website. Many newspapers have the option to put your ad on their site as well as in the paper.



Angie’s List

angie's list

This website is a great option, but can be tricky. The list usually only has great businesses that have been around for a while. Make sure that your customers are always satisfied- that’s where “Angie” gets her ratings from.



Moving Service Marketing

moving service marketing

This company was designed specifically with movers in mind. They give the movers the option to list their business and a quick blurb of what they do right there on the site. They do not focus around reviews and, instead, focus around what the company wants to tell customers.


Google Results

google results

Make sure that your moving business is registered with Google. This will ensure that you get the best results. Also, try to optimize your moving business website if you have one. That will help people see you first in a long string of Google results.


Local Billboards

local billboards

Contact a local billboard company in your area. Creating a large display can be expensive, but it is often worth it. Consider bold advertisements on the sign and make sure that you place it somewhere that is highly visible, like a freeway.


Moving Blogs

moving blogs

There are hundreds upon thousands of blogs on the Internet that are dedicated solely to moving. These blogs give people who are moving tips and tricks. They will be a great place for movers to place advertisements because they are often inexpensive and they have tons of people who are moving visiting the site on a daily basis.




After you get your very first Yelp review, be sure to claim the business. People love businesses that are proud of what they are doing and they make themselves transparent. Whether the review is good or bad, own it.




For a site that gets a generally bad reputation, Craigslist still has millions of visitors on a daily basis. Consider posting your business on this site for people who are looking for great deals. The best part about listing on Craigslist? It won’t cost you a single cent.




This marketing agency is one that focuses around local businesses. While they are a huge company, they still manage to look out for the little guy. The prices are somewhat steeper than other options, but it is worth it for most moving companies to be listed with the site. Planit will help your company become more visible and will give you advertising opportunities that you may not be able to create on your own.


Moving Guardian

moving guardian

As a website that is dedicated to moving, the Moving Guardian is a great place to list your moving business. Like blogs, many people visit this directory looking for moving tips and, specifically, moving companies to help them out. If your moving business is legitimate, it will be listed with the Moving Guardian.


Now that you know some of the best advertising options for your moving business, which do you think you will use? Let us know in the comments what you think will work best for your moving business.

If you’re just getting started and looking for some additional tips check out how to start a moving company business. 


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