Top 10 Latte Designs For Your Coffee Shop Business

By Carrie Robbins

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Are your lattes lacking something? It may not be the organic soy extra fair trade milk, but it could be something else. Latte designs give your lattes something special and are a great addition to any gourmet, homegrown, or specialty coffee shop. If you want to make your latte game stronger, we’ve compiled a list of 10 of the best latte designs and they’re all right here.


For some reason, leaves are one of the most popular latte designs. This could be due to the fact that they are very easy to do, even without any special tools. You can simply drag a toothpick through the foam in the shape of a leaf to create this simple, but beautiful, design.


Do you want to let your customers know that you love them? Consider putting it in their latte foam! You can even include this as a special addition for the people who frequent your location on a regular basis. Bonus tip: learn how to do a perfect, “Marry Me?” latte art design for those couples who want to say it all with their morning cuppa.


From popular children’s characters to pop culture icons, you can put it on a latte. Characters may be a little more difficult to acquire, but they will be worth it. What twenty-something doesn’t love their latte with their favorite Japanese Hello Kitty.


The heart: a symbol of love, friendship, and the versatile doodle. You can choose to put hearts in your lattes for special occasions like world friendship day and Valentines Day. You can also have them as an option year-round for those who want to say I love you in a new way…or who just need a little love themselves.

Geometric Designs

Swirls, cubes, stars, and more are just a few things that you can design in your lattes. Get your toothpick and get to creating. Make sure that everything you have on your latte is uplifting. Nobody wants a frowning face or a middle finger with their morning cup of inspiration.


Start someone’s day with a little sunshine. The sunshine is a symbol of hope, and many people may be hoping that the day is over quickly. Sunshine latte designs are not only a fan favorite; they’re also a Monday favorite.


Classic, simple, and girly are just a few words that describe the typical bow. You can put bows on your lattes for all of your favorite chic customers. They’ll appreciate the special touch on their latte. A great latte can truly be a gift and the bow will signal they’re about to get something great.


Pumpkins, trees, and turkeys are some of the things that you can put on your lattes during any holiday season. While it may be a little difficult to design a detailed member of the poultry family with a toothpick, you can purchase blanks to place right into your lattes. This will allow you to look like you really know what you’re doing and cut down on some of the time it takes to create these beautiful masterpieces. You can even purchase holiday packs.


Ah, nothing like the first sip of latte touching your soul. The smiley face on the latte will give you a glimpse into the future of the face that you will be making when you gulp it down. Smiley faces are simple, sweet, and will leave your customers feeling happy that they chose you to make their latte.


Lions, tigers, bears, oh my! No, it’s more like cats, pandas, and monkeys. Invest the time that it takes to create animals in your lattes and your customers will truly get a kick out of it. Even your vegan customers will be able to enjoy a taste of these yummy animals.

Are you ready to make your lattes something special and get the competitive edge that you need? Let us know which designs you want to try first.

If you’re interested in opening your own Coffee Shop Business but need additional tools and resources check out how to start a coffee shop business. 

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