Top 10 Juice Recipes For Your Juice Bar Business

By James Coop

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Does your juicing routine have you down? Maybe you’ve worn out all of the options that you have on your regular customers and they’re looking for something more. Don’t send them straight into the arms of your competition; instead, give them something that will be new and exciting to try out. Don’t worry, we’ve done the hard work and compiled a list of the 10 best juice bar recipes for you to use.

Carrot Orange

Orange juice can be a great drink in the morning, but are you really giving your customers the best of the orange juice world? Consider adding carrots to this already flavorful morning drink. If the juice doesn’t wake them up, the bright orange will be sure to do the trick.

3 Oranges plus 2 Carrots

Cucumber Apple Kale

Cucumbers are a great addition to anything and will give your customers the refreshment that they need when they visit your juice bar. The apple adds a touch of sweetness and the kale gives them the nutrition that they desire in their juice. Combining all of these is like creating the perfect monster.

1 apple plus 1/2 cucumber plus a few leaves of kale

Typical Tomato

There isn’t much like a glass of tomato juice to really get your day started. It is refreshing, savory, and gives just a little zing to get your brain going in the morning. Use the best vine ripe tomatoes to create this juice. Pro tip: plum tomatoes and Roma tomatoes are very juicy and can be found nearly year-round.

Tomatoes plus a pinch of salt (if desired)

Spicy Beets

Beets, oranges and ginger make up this drink that is sure to get the brain (and body) going, no matter what time of day. This makes a great workout drink or an afternoon slump drink. Consider giving your customers the option to choose how spicy they want it. You can even add in a little cayenne for those who really need to get on the move.

3-4 whole beets plus 1 orange plus up to 1 tbsp ginger

Ginger And Citrus

No list would be complete without a citrus drink. Make yours tailored to the needs of your customers. You can offer orange, lemon or even lime juice. The ginger can be grated on the top for a perfect garnishment or can be put right into the juice.

3 favorite citrus fruits plus 1 tsp ginger

Delicious Pineapple

A tropical vacation for only a few dollars? We’re down and we don’t know why your customers wouldn’t be either. Whip up one of these pineapple juice drinks to get your customers headed right for the beach…in their minds.

1/2 pineapple (that’s it, seriously)

Watermelon And Lemon

Melon and lemon, look similar? That’s because they have the same letters in their names, but they’re really nothing alike. They go together great, though. Mix up these two fan favorites for a flavor that is truly out of this world. Your customers will want to know what that extra-unique flavor is. It’s watermelon.

4-5 pieces watermelon plus 1 lemon

Orange And Kale

You really can’t go wrong with a simple drink of citrus and greens. While the drink will have a dark appearance like the leafy green vegetable, it will have an incredible citrus flavor that will be sure to satisfy any craving.

2 oranges plus a few leaves of kale

Berry Ginger

Berries are filled with antioxidants and are sometimes so sweet they could possibly replace the naughty chocolate habits your customers have. Create an antioxidant blend of sweet summer berries combined with a little ginger to help it all go down. Blackberries go especially well with the ginger flavor.

10 berries plus up to 1 tbsp ginger

Wake Up Juice

Papayas are a somewhat unpopular fruit, especially in the juice world, but you can change that. The papaya has a bold, sweet flavor. It promises to wake your customers up and has such a beautiful color, your customers will love watching it being made.

1 papaya plus 1 orange plus 1 lemon

We love all of these juice recipes and we know that you will, too. Tell us which ones you can’t wait to try in the comments below.

If you’re just starting your Juice Bar Business and need some ideas, check out how to start a juice bar business.

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