Top 10 Fuel Cards for Your Trucking Company

By Adam Boyd

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If you own a truck, a trucking company or have ever even driven a truck, you know that they take a lot of fuel to be able to run. For this reason, most truckers are given fuel cards. Fuel cards are a necessity for all truckers, but where do you go when you’re not sure which one is the best? We’ve created a list just for you of the top 10 fuel cards for your trucking company.


This company is one that offers only fleet cards to people who have medium to large businesses. They can be used for small businesses, but the fees that are associated with them can be higher than some of the other options that are available for small businesses.


These cards are intended for people who are going to buy a lot of fuel. They have bulk discounts and can be purchased depending on the number of cards that your company needs. Bonus: the Fuelman card can be used if you have to get maintenance done on the truck. Many other options do not allow this.


The FleetOne card offers its services to truck drivers who drive over the road. It is a card that is intended for use at truck stops around the country. It is an ideal option for drivers who drive long distances or who are in different areas and need solutions no matter where they are at.


The Comdata fleet cards can be completely customized. They are one of the most popular cards and can be used at any gas station in the country similar to how a personal credit card can be used. They only require a specific pin number to be able to use. These cards can be customized to each individual and can include things like times when the card can’t be used and cost caps for fuel.

Wex Cards

The Wex cards are used by governmental bodies and are created specifically for them, but can be used by anyone. Since they are for the government, they have been optimized to be the most accurate card ever and they keep track of purchases, down to the fraction of a cent.

US Bank

Along with other options for corporate accounts, the US Bank offers fleet and fuel cards for truckers. These can be used by anyone who needs fuel and can be customized to the options that the people of the company need. They are specifically for truckers and can be tailored to their needs.


As an international company, Shell has created opportunities for people around the world. They continue to help people right at home in the United States by offering things like the fuel card for truckers to use. They can be used around the country at any Shell station.

Regional Companies

On the east coast, companies like Sheetz and WaWa give truckers the option to have fuel cards for those companies only. These are better suited to regional drivers who will always be in that area. They are not generally used around the country because these businesses may not be everywhere.


Similar to the Shell card, BP offers fuel cards for truckers. BP has a program that not only allows truckers to get the fuel that they need for their truck but also gives them rewards while they are doing so. These cards can have the option of allowing truckers to purchase other things that they may find while they are at the BP station.

Company Cards

Corporate cards can generally be used for fuel. While these cards do not offer the fuel rewards like specific fleet cards, they can be used for small businesses. Smaller businesses may want to start out with a company card for fuel because it reduces the number of cards for the business. While they are great for small businesses, as the business grows owners should consider investing in actual fuel or fleet cards.

Do you have a fuel card just for truckers? Is it one of the ones that is on our list? Let us know in the comments.

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