Top 10 Animals That Frequent The Vet For Your Animal Rescue Business

By Mike Gomez

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 Many animals visit the veterinarian on a regular basis, that’s the reason that most vets stay in business. What you may not know, though, is that the most common pets are the ones who visit the vet the most often. Our top 10 list will help you have a better understanding of which pets will be heading to the vet’s office so you can plan accordingly within your animal rescue business.


Fido may end up costing you a lot more than you thought. Dogs visit the vet the most often not because they are sick, but because they require regular health maintenance like humans. Dogs need to have checkups, vaccinations, and regular care to ensure that they remain healthy.


Similar to dogs in the vet care that is required, cats need to have regular care to ensure that they remain as healthy as possible. It isn’t that these animals require more care because of any issues, it is simply because they are the most common house pets and need to remain as healthy as possible.


There’s no arguing that many people own horses. Horses, like other commonly owned animals, need to have regular veterinary care. This ensures that the horse is as healthy as possible and that the horse is fit to be ridden. Regular vet care for horses is one of the most expensive costs for horse owners.


While many people have cows that they use as livestock, some also have cows that are seen as family pets. Cows don’t necessarily live inside like a cat or dog would, but their owners still consider them a big part of their family. Vet care for pet cows is important to ensure that they are healthy and that they do not have any major issues that could be reducing their lifespan.


Potbelly pigs, miniature pigs, and some other types of pigs are kept as pets- sometimes even in the home. Pigs are easy to train and can be found in homes across the United States. Pet owners must take their pigs to the vet on a regular basis to ensure that they do not have any diseases that could be brought to the family or other pets.


Birds are known carriers of viruses and conditions that could be transmitted to humans. It is important that pet owners have their birds to the vet on a regular basis to ensure that they remain healthy and that they do not run the risk of becoming ill. From chickens to parrots, birds visit the vet quite often.


Not as many people own ferrets as they do other types of pets. These animals are fun to own and make a great pet for people who live in small spaces. Sometimes, ferrets get sick and must go to the vet. Regular checkups are also important to ensure that the ferret is in the best shape possible.

Small Rodents

It may not be as common for someone to own a rat, a hamster, or a gerbil, but these pets sometimes need to go to the vet too. It is important that anyone who owns a small rodent make sure that they find a vet who works with these tiny creatures- not every vet will.


As with rodent veterinarians, some owners may have a tough time finding a vet who will be able to help them with their turtle or lizard. Many general veterinarians do not treat reptiles or amphibians, but they will often have recommendations for these owners. If you work in a veterinary practice, be sure you know of a great exotic pet vet.


These aquatic comrades can be difficult to treat because it must be done in water. Many people still own fish and, surprisingly, still take them to the vet on a regular basis.

There are many people who don’t think it would be weird to take their boa constrictor to the vet, but some who think it is perfectly acceptable. Tell us, what types of animals do you normally see when you are visiting the vet?

Hopefully this article gives you a better idea of what kind of care the animals in your animal rescue business will need. If you need more information on how to get started check out how to start an animal rescue business. 

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