Top 10 Issues Home Inspectors See

By Mike Gomez

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Whether you’re selling your house or thinking about buying a new one, you may need to know some of the issues home inspectors find when they are looking at homes.

No matter what your reasons are for wanting to know about issues in your house, our top 10 list will give you the issues home inspectors see most often.

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When the home is older, it may not have the proper railings on the outside and inside stairs.

The different codes and guidelines that have been established in recent years could imply that the railings in an older home are not safe.

Handrails need to be securely fastened and need to be present on all sets of stairs.

wall checking

Old Wood

Porches, decks, and other home fixtures often feature wood.

The one problem with wood is that if not properly taken care of, it can become damaged by water, mildew, and mold over time.

It is a good idea to make sure that wood is in good condition.


The gutters on a home are critical because they are the main feature that keeps the water off the roof.

Gutters are a very quick fix and should be replaced if they are damaged, in the wrong place, or nonexistent.

Water Damage

Water damage can happen in any part of the home.

It is most often found in the bathroom, basement and kitchen.

Check underneath vinyl flooring or carpet and be sure to look at ceilings and walls when checking for water damage.

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Electrical Issues

Older homes that had electrical wiring that was not done according to generally accepted regulations can pose a big hazard for the owners.

Inspectors who see faulty wiring in homes nearly always wave a red flag because electrical issues can not only cause problems but can be deadly.

Poor Insulation

While insulation is thought of as something that merely keeps the family warm or cold, it is important to have the proper insulation in a home.

Asbestos is one of the biggest insulation problems home inspectors see.

When inspectors come across this type of insulation, they will recommend that homeowners take measures to have the asbestos removed because of the illness it can cause.

roof checking

Improper Plumbing

Plumbing is an essential part of the home and piping that is not done properly can lead to water damage and a slew of other problems.

Inspectors who notice improper plumbing will often let homeowners know that they must have the plumbing fixed before the house will pass any inspection.


Many potential buyers may find that they get a great deal by purchasing a home that was foreclosed.

While they may be getting a home for half of the price, they could be getting double the problems.

Inspectors warn against purchasing a foreclosed home.

The previous owners can cause insurmountable damage to the home before they move out — they’re losing the home anyway, what do they have to lose by destroying it?

If you thought the missing appliances were bad, you should see the structural damage.

leak checking

Lack of Ventilation

Old homes, homes that have undergone improper renovations, and homes that have had damage done to them can have a major lack of ventilation.

This ventilation is essential because it can help remove harmful gasses and other substances from the home.

Inspectors will often check to make specifically sure that the home is being ventilated properly.

Old Roofing

A roof that has not been updated in many years could raise questions for inspectors.

Even if there is no evident damage, they may recommend that the roof is replaced because it can become damaged more quickly.

When you are looking at a home on the surface level, it is easy to think there are no problems with it.

Home inspectors dig deeper and can see the issues that aren’t typically thought about.

Now that you have an idea of some things, what else do you think can be wrong with a home?

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