The 10 Hottest Items For Your Consignment Shop

By Becky Pierce

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  Who doesn’t love a great deal when it comes to clothing, home accessories and even baby goods? When you know what the hottest items are going to be in the coming year, you can make sure that your consignment shop is more equipped to sell to your customers. What are customers looking for at consignment shops? Follow our top 10 list of things to find out.

Baby Gear


New moms are going to be looking to get their hands on the hottest baby gear from the past few years.. Things like the Mommaroo, Dr. Brown’s bottles and high-tech monitors will be flying off of the consignment shelves before they even get settled in.

Designer Clothes


Does that designer suit look like it may be missing an extra zero on the price tag? It must be a dream. It’s not. Consignment stores are always looking for used designer clothes and there’s a great reason for that. These items are hot and can really bring customers in. If one of your customers found a real-deal Gucci suit in your store, they would likely tell all of their friends. These friends would then flock to your store to look for the next great find.

Cross Body Bags

Function and fashion: what could be better? Cross body bags give your customers just that. New, old, dark and light, cross body bags will be sure to delight your customers. Make sure that you’ve got a great selection of these bags to go with any outfit that they find in your store.

Wall Décor

If your own home is lacking some hutzpah, you are probably always on the lookout for new things to add to the décor scheme. Your customers are likely doing the same thing. All of the wall decorations that you offer in your store don’t have to be the most popular things, but they should be something that are of high quality and something can be easily done to them.

Music From the 1990’s

Do you have piles of TLC, Jewel and Boyz2Men CDs sitting on your shelves? Don’t throw them away yet. The 1990’s are coming back…and in a major way. You can stay on top of the latest trends by offering the music that originally set the stage for these trends. Be sure to offer some great 1990’s clothing finds in your store so your customers can get in the grunge mood.

Flannel Shirts

Along with CDs, you should definitely be offering your customers a taste of the finer 90’s items. Flannel is at the top of the list. It will really pull the look together. If you’re looking for a fun way to cater to people hoping for authentic 1990’s gear, consider setting up a “90’s” section in the store.

Outdoor Furniture

Spring and summer are the number one times when people are looking for outdoor furniture. Use the upcoming months during these times to market some of the furniture that you have accumulated over the winter months. This will give you an opportunity to get rid of some things that may be junking up your store.

Basic Tee Shirts

Basic shirts never go out of style and can be marketed to any crowd. Young people may be looking for “vintage” finds. Stock up on basic tees with quirky designs, concerts past and present, and faraway universities.


Costume, real, necklaces, bracelets, anything that you can think of will sell great to your customers. By making sure you’ve got a lot of jewelry ready for them, you will ensure that they have the perfect accessories for the outfits that they find in your store.

Dressy Clothes

Many young girls now turn to the consignment shops to look for prom and formal dresses. The options are inexpensive, the looks are vintage and they can be altered to suit any girl and any body style. Stock up on dressy clothes for everyone who comes in. Every woman loves a great, fancy dress.

Using our easy list, what will you start selling more of in your store? Was there anything that you saw on here that you don’t already have a lot of?

If you’re just starting out and looking for tips on how to open a consignment shop, check out how to start a consignment shop business.

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