10 Reasons Why Your Travel Agency Business Is Still Viable

By Kari Andrews

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 Travel is something that most people do and they often rely on a service to get them to where they are going. Whether that service is a new-age online concierge, a quick stop website, or a traditional travel agent, travelers just can’t do it on their own. While travel agents seem to be fewer and further in between, they are still alive and well working to make travel plans into realities for everyone. If you’re a travel agent, are considering becoming one, or are simply interested, we’ve compiled 10 reasons why travel agencies aren’t going away anytime soon.

The Internet Can’t Do It All

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If a trip has special accommodations or is during a time that may be difficult to book, a travel agent is sometimes necessary. Travel agents are able to get rooms and flights when they are completely unavailable through the Internet.

Many Are Distrusting Of Sites

Older people, the ones who travel most in their retirement, may not be completely comfortable using the Internet. While they have no problems using it to look up the hours of their favorite restaurant, they may be more wary of dropping thousands of dollars through an online portal.

Travel Agents Have The Insider Angle

Anyone who wants to travel with a true insider knows that travel agents are the way to go. Agents have access and resources to deals and information that an Internet booking site may not have.

The Non-DIYers


When you use an online booking option or an Internet agent, you may not be able to plan everything at once. You will have to DIY your trip to include your airfare, your hotel, and any additional options that you may want. If you’re not in the mood for a great deal of work cut out before your vacation, a travel agent is the way to go.

Real-Life Reviews Are Better

If a travel agent has not been to a specific destination, he or she will likely have clients that have been there. They can provide a real-time review of what the destination was like.

People Crave Individuality

Travel agents are experts in creating an individual plan for their clients. They work to provide them with all of the specifics of the trip and give them the options that they need. People want someone to look out for them, like a concierge, in every aspect of the trip.

A Personalized Experience Is Better

personalized experience

When you go online for travel plans, it can feel like you are truly just a number to the website. This is an issue for many people who want their experience to be completely customized. A travel agent can create a completely personalized travel experience.

The Business Agent

Many businesses will not rely on online booking and deal sites for their travel needs. There is no guarantee on these sites and they may end up losing the important reservations that they created for their employees as well as their clients. For this reason, they usually use travel agents.

Luxury Not Available Online

While it can be easy to hit up a website for one of the best luxury resorts in the world, it can be difficult to get the best price on any given date at that resort. It is important that travelers get the most out of luxury. Travel agents are a luxury on their own and will provide the travelers with the experience that they want while traveling as well as while they are making the arrangements.

Unforeseen Complications

Travel agents allow for certain situations where travel plans must be changed or canceled. They have varying degrees of penalties for cancellations where travel sites only have a single penalty option- which usually involves losing all of your money.

Have you always had dreams of becoming a travel agent? If so, you should not let the recent technology hold you back. Tell us, do you think you will be able to provide all of these exceptional services to your travel agency clients in the future? What will you do to retain those clients in a world where the Internet thinks it can do it all?

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