10 Reasons the Adult Day Care Business Will BOOM in 2016

By Kari Andrews

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Reason the Adult Day care business will boom in 2016

 The adult daycare business has been steadily growing since 2010. The business has nearly doubled during that time and is expected to continue to increase with big changes in the way that people take care of their elderly parents. We’ve created a list of 10 reasons the adult daycare business will BOOM in 2016 for people who want to get in on the action of this great business model.

Changes In Care


With more and more states becoming involved with nursing homes, the only people who suffer are the residents. States care much less about the care of residents and much more about the money that they can make. This proves to be an issue for people who are in or who were planning to go into nursing homes. Families do not want to put their loved ones in a situation where they are only a dollar sign.

Mom and Dad at Home


Many families are choosing to keep the parents and in-laws in their own home. New homes are being built with in-law suites and options for keeping older parents at home instead of nursing homes. These elderly family members need somewhere to go during the day. Adult daycare provides that option.

Social Interaction

Reasons to boom your business in adult day care

It is imperative that people remain social even as they enter old age. More families are now recognizing the benefits of maintaining social interaction and are choosing an adult daycare for that interaction. Not only do the daycare centers provide care, but they give seniors a chance to interact with other seniors.

 Exceptional Services

Many people use adult daycare services because they are just too busy or do not have the skills necessary to provide around the clock care to their elderly parents. People choose adult daycare because life just keeps getting busier.

Baby Boomers


These boomers, who were born after the war, are entering the age where they need care outside of the home. As they all get older and the senior population increases, more adult daycares will be needed.

Cost of Nursing Homes


The demand for nursing homes has driven the price to unreasonable heights. This means that many families simply cannot afford a nursing home and people are being forced to keep loved ones at home. They are using adult daycares as an alternative during the day.

 Options for Adults

People simply do not have the resources to take care of their adult parents on an everyday basis. Families are busier than ever before and just can’t squeeze options in for grandma and grandpa. Adult daycare gives these elderly relatives the chance to get the stimulation that they need while taking the weight off of mom and dad’s shoulders.

Relief of Caregivers

Not all caregivers love the job that they are given. It is sometimes impossible for family members to run errands, go to work, and take care of seniors. It is necessary for the health of the caregiver to have a little break.

Seniors Taking Control

 Top 10 reasons to boom your adult day care business in 2016

With all of the new technology available to seniors, they are truly taking control of their golden years. This means that they are now choosing adult daycares for themselves. What does that mean for adult daycares? It’s time to step up the game for the competitive senior market.

 More Working Families

In the past, only one adult member of the family worked on a regular basis. With a two-income family becoming the norm, it leaves nobody at home to take care of the senior family members. These families also have more financial resources to be able to afford adult daycare because there are at least two streams of income coming in.

If you are planning on starting an adult daycare business, do you think you will get more clients than you would have in the past? Tell us, do you see the way that the business is just going to continue booming?

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