Top 10 Cake Designs For Your Cake Decorating Business

By Carrie Robbins

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 If you have been feeling like your cake decorating options have gone a little stale, you may want to check out some of these designs. We’ve created a list with 10 of the top cake designs for you to give a try. Your clients will truly enjoy the uniqueness of each of these cakes and will appreciate you creating fun options for them.

1. Crayon Cake

A relatively easy project, the crayon cake is perfect for kids who love to color, and adults too. The cake can be made using a basic rectangular shape. The actual decoration on the cake can be done with fondant or icing, which makes it perfect for beginners as well as pros. Add your client’s name on the front of the box for the coolest customization.

2. Pizza Cake

A pizza in a cake, wouldn’t that taste odd? No way! It only looks like a pizza on the outside. The cake is done with several round cakes stacked up. The pizza can be done as a single topping or a two-topping. Your client’s guests will be delighted that they are serving pizza, but they will be downright giddy when they learn they’ll be eating cake.

3. Sprinkle Cake

This cake is so simple to do — you just bake the cake that you want. We suggest using a round cake. Create a crumb layer of icing (just slap it on there) and roll it in sprinkles. You can use different colors or a single color of sprinkles.

4. Camera Cake

We think this cake is great and we’re not even the most professional photographers. This will take some practice and you will likely have to do some cutting of the actual cake, but it will be worth it in the end. Pro tip: choose a non-staining icing or fondant for the black camera; you don’t want clients with black teeth.

5. Piñata Cake

This cake is great for kids and adults alike. It is created with a hole right through the center. When the unsuspecting guest cuts into the cake, the candy that you put on the inside will come spilling out for everyone to enjoy. So fun!

6. Kit Kat Cake

Kit Kats and cake: what could be better? Make a delicious round cake, stack the Kit Kats up and create a top for it. Spread a crumb layer on the outside of the cake and stick your candy bars all around it. You may have to use a ribbon or some string to hold the bars in place, but they will stay up with some extra-sticky icing. Consider putting some M&Ms or Skittles on the top instead of more icing.

7. Burger Cake

Similar to the pizza cake, this one is sure to knock the socks of all of your client’s guests. While it is unlikely that anyone will believe this is truly a burger, they will probably be impressed with the great amount of detail that is paid to the toppings and the bun of the cake. No charcoal required.

8. Phone Cake

Another easy one, the phone cake is great for clients who are always on their phones. It can be done using a rectangular cake. You can create the decoration with fondant or icing. You probably even have a reference guide sitting next to you or in your pocket.

9. Tie Dye Cake

The tie-dye cake is one that is great for anyone who loves colors. It is a fun cake to make and gives just the right amount of color. To create somewhat of a surprising aspect, top it with a solid color icing. Jerry Garcia would approve.

10. Polka Dot Cake

This cake is labor intensive but will be well worth the effort that you must exert. It can be done using a cake pop method. Create cake pop balls and plop them into the mix of another cake. Stack them up.

With all of the colors, creativity and designs that we’ve compiled, there’s sure to be something that you love. Which ones do you think your clients will like the most? Leave us a comment and tell us your favorite!

If you’re interested in putting these cake decorating techniques to use and starting your own cake decorating business, check out how to start a cake decorating business. 

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