How To Get More Buyers With This Fast And Easy Sales System

By Tom Egelhoff

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perry belcher how to get more customers

Follow Perry Belcher as he shares a fast and easy, foolproof sales system that would allow you to sell anything and earn as much as 76x more than what you would usually earn while doing it!

Read on and learn what makes people buy your products and why it’s not why you think they do and get ahead in your industry today! This sales system and process works for any industry that is customer facing.

If you haven’t heard of Perry Belcher, you obviously haven’t done your homework on marketing. He’s the co-founder of Digital Marketer, the founder of Native Commerce (inducted into Inc. 500’s List of Fastest Growing Companies of 2016), a MASTER copywriter, and the entrepreneur of our dreams.

Perry has been selling digital and physical goods for over 30 years in over 23 different industries. He has been known to take a company from $0 to $10M in less than 16 months!

Effective Sales Systems | Perry Belcher

Perry Belcher is also the principal advisor here at Startup Jungle and we wanted to share this video where he talks about what he calls “the most advanced selling system on earth”.

Perry describes in the video that this system is usable in almost every form of sales pitching from face-to-face selling to webinar selling making it very versatile.

He has sold over $200 Million using this system alone and companies with better products and people can’t even compete with him.

This is the same system he has been using in his sales presentations over the years and it has worked every single time.Startup Jungle

This system will make everything you know about selling products completely worthless!

He knows why people buy and it’s NOT what you think!

As an example, he asks what the best burger in the world is.

McDonald’s burgers. Why?

It’s because McDonald’s has the best sales system for selling burgers on the planet! Earning the $23.5 Billion from hamburger sales alone in 2013!

How did they manage to do that?

It’s not because of the product at all! But it’s actually from having an effective Sales System!

Perry describes what sales systems do in the video as the following:

  • Makes People Interchangeable
  • Unfairly Dominates the Market & Crush Competitors
  • They Build Billion Dollar Brands FAST
  • It’s Magic to the Masses

If you have the so-called “Razzle, Dazzle, Frazzle” you could sell anything!

Learn more about this 6-point Secret Selling System by following the video and you might be able to just do that:

  1. Identify the Perfect Prospect
  2. Bribe them for Permission to Sell to Them
  3. Convert them to Buyers BEFORE you sell them
  4. Make a Flawless 21 Step Pitch
  5. Increase the Immediate Profit of Every Sale
  6. Get your “Regulars” to buy more often

It is said that “The Law of Exponential Growth is a Mathematical Certainty” making this system a certified way to make a ton of profit! And when used properly, it could earn you up to a whopping 7600% or 76x more than what you would usually earn!

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