10 Activities To Keep Children Entertained At Your Day Care Business

By Mike Gomez

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yarn and string

 Do you have a little one that you have completely run out of ideas to entertain? Tiny humans can be extremely difficult to keep occupied. Their attention spans are shorter than ours as adults and they usually aren’t interested in even remotely the same things as we are. If you’re looking for some fun activities to keep your kids entertained, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 things to do.


Structured crafts are a great and inexpensive way to keep your tots happy. Kids love anything that they can make. Don’t have any traditional craft supplies on hand? You can make shapes using just scissors and paper. If you’re not comfortable letting your little ones use the scissors yet, that’s okay. Let them do the paper folding and you do the cutting.


Yes, we know sports can get expensive. High school parents often pay upwards of one hundred dollars just for one sport, but that is not the case with little ones. If you have a ball and even a sliver of a yard to play in, you’re well equipped for a kid-friendly sport. Toss is one of the best games you can play.

Board Games

Board games or bored games? They may just be bored games because they are the perfect cure for you (and your little one’s) boredom. Consider investing in some age appropriate games for your child. These can be found at big box stores and even thrift stores for not a lot of dough. If you can’t find something that fits their age, it’s never too early to have a rousing game of checkers.

Story Time

Making up a story with a child may seem like something that teeters on the edge of, “ugh not again,” but this time, you initiate the story. Start with a solid baseline. Our favorite is, “once upon a time.” Go from there. Let your youngster interject at parts and make up the story as you go along. Pro tip: be ready, these stories can get pretty funny.

School Work

Believe it or not, most kids still associate learning with fun. Consider making some age appropriate worksheets or getting some flashcards for your kids. It’ll be a bonus because your kids will learn and will be entertained for a while.


A good book can go a long way with the little ones. A quick trip to the library will have you filled with adventures that you and the child can go on together. There are endless opportunities when it comes to reading and they’re all free.

 Dress Up

The best part about dress up is that you already have everything that you need. Kids don’t require the most fancy dress up clothes to be able to use their imagination and have a good time. Use what you have in your closet to really get them started with dress up.


Most parks are free for you to visit and will allow the little ones to let some energy out. Even during the chilly winter months, you can get bundled up and head out to your nearest playground.

Water Play

Is it cold outside? Are you lacking a kiddy pool? Do you want to avoid a big mess in your house? Throw the swimsuits on and fill the bathtub up with an inch or so of water. Allow the kids to play in the tub with bath or small pool toys. They’ll have a blast and you’ll get a second to take a breather. Tip: Since the tub can get slippery, enjoy your relaxing cup of coffee in the bathroom with the kids so you’ll be there in case of an issue.

Yarn And String

Much like cats, kids can be very fickle. Kids are also similar to cats in that they love yarn and string. Cut up pieces that are small for little ones to wrap around and attach to items around the house. Older kids can use larger pieces, but always warn of the dangers of wrapping the yarn around fingers and necks.

We’ve worked to make an inspiring list of things to do to keep the kids entertained. Which one do you think will be the best play-along activity?

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