8 Commercial Cleaning Services To Offer

By Mike Gomez

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Idea 1

Business and office cleaning, including green certified buildings and government offices.

Services could include steam cleaning of carpets and rugs, washing windows, floor stripping and waxing, washing light fixtures and woodwork, cleaning air vents, cleaning out refrigerators, microwaves or ovens in the break room or corporate kitchen area, cleaning upholstery, leather, tile, stone and grout and more.

Idea 2

Manufacturing facilities may also have need of light fixture cleaning, industrial floor cleaners or vent cleaning, in addition to general janitorial services in office and break room spaces.

Idea 3

Janitorial services for daycares, schools, churches, financial institutions, medical facilities, auto dealerships, country club, golf clubhouse, yacht club, retail stores.

Services could include dusting, disinfecting, mopping, sweeping, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms and taking out the trash.

Idea 4

Floor and carpet cleaning services including pressure washing and stripping, waxing and cleaning industrial floors.

Idea 5

Property maintenance for property management companies and apartment complexes.

Idea 6

New Construction Cleanup.

Idea 7

Hotel and motel housekeeping services might include bathroom cleaning, disinfecting, changing and washing linens, vacuuming, washing dishes, cleaning upholstery, leather, tile, stone and grout and repairing water damage.

Idea 8

Restaurant cleaning includes disinfecting tables and food prep workspaces, sweeping, mopping, waxing and vacuuming floors and kitchen mats as needed, washing and cleaning kitchen hoods, exhaust fans, filters and air ducts, emptying grease traps and safely disposing of the grease.

As well as  maintaining the bathrooms in a neat sanitary manner with disinfectants and polish, refilling any consumables such as condiments, paper products and soap in the bathroom, kitchen, serving and dining areas and washing windows, dusting, taking out the trash and maintaining a neat appearance around the dumpster.

Do you have your own commercial cleaning business or are you looking to start your own? Check out how to start a commercial cleaning business to learn how to get started.


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