7 Bad Habits No Salesperson Should Have

By Adam Boyd

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It’s never that easy convincing people to buy things, especially things that they don’t really want!

Sometimes when you try to sell these products, in the eyes of your now uncomfortable customers you can definitely come off as some sleazy and overly pushy annoying salesperson.

7 Bad Habits No Salesperson Should Have

So how do you go about not being the “annoying sales person”?

Try to strike a balance between the “fun and friendly” to the “serious and professional”. That is way easier said than done but it’s essential because this approach helps put your customers at ease so that you don’t come across as being unprofessional.

The industry is very broad but a lot in the business has universally agreed that these seven bad habits pop up all the time. We have compiled this list so that you can avoid them altogether:

1. Not Knowing your Product

The customer suddenly asks you a question about your product, and you have no idea what to tell them!

7 Bad Habits No Salesperson Should Have

Being caught off guard like that is never fun. It’s also quite embarrassing as you’re supposedly the one to know about what you’re selling. You don’t have to be an expert.  But before you attempt to start selling and convincing people to buy your products, make sure you do your homework so you’ll know exactly what you’re selling and be able to answer your customers’ questions.

2. Unable to Let Customers See the Benefits

The main draw of any potential buyer when it comes to buying any product of any sort is how much that product will benefit them.

7 Bad Habits No Salesperson Should Have

Your products may be the coolest, top of the line thing, but what does that mean for your buyers? The features make the product. If any of these features will benefit your buyers in the long run, the more they will want to buy it from you!

3. Listening Less and Talking More

It may be important to market everything that your product(s) can do to your customers, but not listening or ignoring their concerns is enough to push away any potential buyer.

Take the time to listen to what your customers have to say. This will come a long way especially when you want to upsell.

4. Revealing Prices too Early

Making a sale with a customer is more important than how much money you will make off of them with your products.

Your products do have a price, but in the hands of a good salesperson, you wouldn’t even need to say how much your product is and the customer is already convinced. Listen and consider your customer’s needs first. Practice on withholding the final price until you feel that the customer’s concerns have been addressed and they are more open to discussing the price.

5. Poor Presentation Delivery

It really isn’t necessary to be the greatest speaker or writer ever in business. But as a salesperson, you need to put some effort into your presentations and make sure that they are delivered with confidence, good speech, grammar, and diction.

Having good communication and writing skills gives your customers the impression that you are confident and knowledgeable about what you’re selling. Giving a mumbled out, half-hearted presentation gives the impression that you don’t care much about what you’re selling at all.  You can’t expect a person to buy a product from someone who’s not confident about selling it.

6. No Customization to Product Presentations

You show off your awesome product to potential buyers, but what you present is lackluster and confusing that leaves the people you’re selling to rather disinterested.

Presenting your products in a more interesting way could make or break your success. Learning who you are presenting to allows you to personalize your sales approach with your customer’s unique needs in mind.

Don’t make your potential buyers be just another set of people. Make them feel that your product is tailored fit for them.

7. Making Sales Calls About the Product and Not the Customer

A product really has no purpose if you don’t know what kind of people you’re gonna sell it to.

7 Bad Habits No Salesperson Should Have

Do you think your potential customer would even be interested?  You could be selling the biggest, juiciest steak in the world but if you’re selling to a vegetarian you’ll never close that sale. That should make you realize that them having to be interested in your product would give you the best turnout for making a profit.

Each sales call should be about the customer.  Take the time to personally look into your customers’ needs, interests and concerns to see if your product fits their needs and would be any use to them.


Making it in the crazy world of business is tough. But out of all the things that you have to do, at the end of the day selling your products will always be the main goal.

Being a better salesperson has no difference in being just a better person. It takes a good and confident personality to get almost anything done.

Overall, take the time to understand your approach when it comes to selling your products. Because at the end of the day, it’s not the product that made the customer buy it, it’s you.

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