The 6 Coolest Decks for Your Patio Business

By Nick Alford

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Are you lacking inspiration for your deck business?

If you want some ideas for decks that you can show off that are both unique and exciting, look no further than this list of the six coolest decks.

Your patio business will thank you and you’ll be able to put more money in your profit with these awesome ideas.

fire place patio

The Tree Deck

Although decks are made out of trees, they can also have tree elements that are built into them.

If your clients want a backyard deck that truly becomes a part of the beautiful nature scenes surrounding their home, they can benefit from a deck with a tree in it.

Building a deck around trees is easy, just make sure that you cut out room for the trees when you are making the plans for the deck.

The Incorporated Pool Deck

You’ve probably done a deck close to a pool or a deck that leads up to a pool, but have you ever built a deck that truly incorporates the pool?

This fancy deck is great for soirees and family get togethers.

It hangs over the pool and is subtle while still providing the perfect space to get ready for the pool.

It is not boisterous like some of the other pool decks.

poolside deck

The Fire Deck

If your customers are fans of campfires, but just don’t have the space for a large deck and a fire pit, bring the fire into the deck.

If you use modern elements and materials to build this fire deck, your clients will be happy with the options that come with it.

Pro tip: Build seating around the glass fire or the gas fireplace into the deck so that it is seamlessly blended without any need to drag chairs over to the fire.

The Curved Deck

While most decks have sharp lines and geometric shapes, this one gives off a softer feel with the gentle curves and the light colors.

The seating is made for optimized socializing.

Your clients will be grateful for the opportunity to bond while they are out on their deck.

The curved deck may seem like a feat that is left to people who have been building decks for many years, but it is actually rather simple once you begin working in curves.

It’s all in the way that you have the wood cut.

Be prepared to practice on smaller scale projects before you attempt a huge curved deck.

Bonus: Many patio businesses don’t offer these types of decks so you’ll be able to offer a service that the competition probably doesn’t have available.

The Sunken Deck

Even if your clients don’t actually live in an enchanted garden, you can make them feel like they do.

A sunken deck provides the best privacy and gives your clients a chance to feel like they have entered into another area each time that they go out onto their deck.

Work with clients to come up with the best ideas for landscaping around the deck- you should consider having low hanging trees and plants that add to the enchanting element of the deck and bring natural elements into the wooden structure.

curved patio

The City Deck

Even if you have clients that live in the city or clients who have microscopic backyards, they can still benefit from a deck in their backyard.

While it may be more tricky to add all of the elements that they want to the deck or even your creative touch to the deck, you can definitely make a deck that fits in perfectly to a small backyard.

Consider building seating into the deck so that your clients don’t need to worry about purchasing furniture that will fit onto the deck.

You can also use different materials to add some texture to the small deck.

Most city decks or decks that are placed in small backyards are not very high and do not require a lot of restructuring.

patio business

When you work in the patio business, it is all about giving your customers what they want.

Did you see any ideas that your clients may want?

Interested in starting a patio/deck business? You can find out more about the industry, how much you can expect to make and more when you check out how to start a patio or deck business. 

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