Top 10 Themes For Your Wedding Planning Business

By Mike Gomez

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 Do your clients love themed weddings? Do you feel like you are using the same theme over and over? If you need some ideas to enhance your theme collection for weddings, we’ve created a list of the top 10 wedding themes just for you and your clients.


Tiny weddings are in. With people getting more budget-conscious, a tiny wedding gives them everything that they want without the outrageous price tag. Consider offering a boutique option to your clients who may be wanting to keep their wallet fatter.


Some may argue that the country theme is overdone, but the nice thing about a country wedding is that there are so many options. Do your clients want a barnyard wedding? A chic country one, or even a sunset ranch wedding? Let their imaginations soar in the open country.


Is your clientele a little more…crunchy? Woodsy weddings are so much fun and will have your clients feeling like they are truly in touch with the nature side of their wedding style. Make sure that you plan accordingly for weather events.


You don’t have to be close to a beach to offer beach options for your clients. A nice lakeside with sand will do the trick. No lakes close by? That’s alright, just help your clients gather up some beach themed items for the wedding- guests will surely get the point.


A garden wedding, while outside, can have the perfect cozy feel that many people look for in their wedding. Make sure that you find a garden that has options, like gazebos, in case there is rain. Your clients and their guests will thank you for this versatile option.


Your clients can have a winter wedding any time of year. Bring snowflakes and chestnut kisses to life with a winter-themed wedding in July. Pro tip: make sure the wedding is an inside one and use things like blue up lighting to make it more wintry.


Buttoned up, long sleeves, and beautiful roses- does that sound like something you can picture your clients in? Consider offering vintage themed weddings for your clients. Take a trip back in time with the gorgeous lace and beautiful whites of days past.


Your clients don’t have to be a Windsor to get the royal treatment. Royal weddings are filled with jewel tones, gold, and other metallic effects. When you are helping your clients come up with the ideas for their royal wedding, be sure that you know it is all about how lush they can really get. A royal wedding is nothing without the over the top luxuries of royalty.


You don’t need to hire lions, trapeze artists, and stands for your clients to have the perfect circus wedding. Fun colors, fun treats, and fun music can really create the circus feel at any traditional wedding. Bonus: cotton candy and popcorn can be served as an appetizer or dessert…with hot dogs in between as the meal! This is great for clients on a budget.


A morning wedding is not something that many people may be interested in, but it is an ideal time for a wedding. It is a good idea to choose a Saturday for these types of weddings and your clients will enjoy the option of having something a little different. Pro tip: clients worried about not having a boozy wedding? Provide drink options like bloody Marys, mimosas, and screwdrivers. These are perfect for morning drinking.

Now that you’ve seen a few of the options that you can choose for your clients’ theme weddings, what do you think you will use? Let us know in the comments some themes that you think will be popular with your clients.

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