Top 10 Styles For Your Interior Design Business

By Mike Gomez

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Are you an interior designer? An aspiring one? Or just one that is lacking some inspiration? Whether you are just getting started or need some fresh takes on your favorite ideas, we can help you get some great new ideas for your interior design business. You don’t have to worry because we’ve composed a list of the top 10 styles for your interior design business.


Would your clients rather be sitting around a campfire than stuck in the house? If this is them, you can benefit from using a woodsy feel in your interior design styles. Woodsy homes include natural wood finishes and stones, along with neutral colors. Think about going out into a woods and bringing all of the elements into the home.


If the home design can fit into a Gatsby-esque scene with little to no trouble, that is vintage. Vintage interior design styles have rounded lines, jewel tones and lots of floral prints. While vintage brings to mind shabby afghans and Tiffany lamps, replicas can also be made to ensure durability and functionality in the home. The look is what it is all about.


Sleek lines, neutral colors and comfortable sitting locations are what modern is all about. You can find many modern designs at big Swedish furniture stores. These are often sturdy and will even be able to give you the inspiration that you need to design the perfect modern home. Light woods look best.

Modern Classic

This is a funky mixture of modern pieces and classic pieces that fit into an aesthetically appealing vintage new age look. These pieces are rather new and will likely be replicas or redesigns of older pieces. Look for unique things like Windsor chairs created into a sofa or old barrels turned into tables for use in the dining room. Pro tip: flea markets and antique malls are the best places for these pieces of furniture.


If you remember the kitchen at your grandmother’s home in vivid detail, you will be able to have a clear idea of what the classic look will be in a home. Classic is all about comfort. warm colors, medium-tone wood and even a little bit of vinyl will create a comforting classic interior style.


The minimalist approach is like the modern style, but with even less. Minimalist doesn’t have to be all about getting rid of everything that your clients need in the home. Minimalist styles can be created with sleek storage furniture that gives no inclination of the 10 throw blankets stuffed in there. Think: sleek lines, black and white, and sparse furniture.


Neutral colors, plum colors and muted prints are all contemporary. Your clients may request something that looks “modern, but not cold.” This is contemporary. They want to feel like they are at home, but they also want to feel like they are in a space that has been created to be something completely new. These switches are easy to do and can be done quickly with a change in paint color, window treatments, and furniture accents.


Mid-century is the design that is found in most homes that were built in the 1950s and 1960s. While these homes probably need some updating or have already been updated, you can create the 1950s look. For kitchens, consider vinyl checkered floors and red appliances. Bedrooms can benefit from shag carpeting and plush bedding.

Rural Chic

If your clients want to feel like they’ve walked into a deep-south country home, but with all of the modern amenities, you can give them rural chic. Soft colors, like light pink, lace, and whitewashed wood are the most important components of rural chic.


Tech savvy individuals may want something that appeals to their most modern tastes. This means things like touch screen refrigerators, intercom systems, and the highest quality appliances. Consider creating charging stations and spaces for computers in the home design.

All of these options will appeal to a large range of interior design customers; you will likely be able to find many ideas for your clients. Which ones do you think will prove to be the most popular for your business?

If you’re looking for more information on how to get started on an interior design business, check out how to start an interior design business. 

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