Top 10 Places To Find Clients For Your Lawn Care Business

By Nick Alford

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We know that it can be difficult to find the clients that your commercial lawn care business needs, but we made a list of the top 10 places to find them.

By checking out these hot locations, you will give yourself the chance to find companies that need your services.

When visiting the places, make sure that you’re armed with a business card and pricing brochures.

Shopping Centers

With all of the shopping centers that are cropping up in towns around the country, they are sure to be looking for someone to take care of their lawn. Consider talking with the developer of the shopping center instead of talking to the actual retailers when you are hoping to acquire the center for your commercial lawn care business.

Doctor’s Offices

Doctors are busy people and the last thing that they want to worry about is how they are going to take care of the grass around their building. Offering your services to them will likely get you a great contract- most doctors have more than one office and know of many other doctors who may be looking for commercial lawn care.


In most areas, it is required that warehouses have a certain amount of yard around the industrial building. This is to make sure that the entire country doesn’t turn into a concrete parking lot, but many of these warehouses may struggle to take care of the lawn they are required to have.

Grocery Stores

While you may not want to start at the country’s biggest grocery retailers, you can try some of the smaller grocery stores in your area. Family owned stores and stores that are not franchises can benefit from commercial lawn care so they don’t have to worry about wasting staff to take care of it.

Garden Centers

Garden centers are all about growing plants, but that doesn’t mean they love mowing the lawn and taking care of the lawn’s needs. If you offer your services to garden centers, make sure they know that you are a commercial lawn care professional and not someone offering to take care of the plants that they sell.


Farms are often huge with a lot of space for growing produce, but that often also leads to them having huge yards. Farmers do not have a lot of time to take care of their lawns because they are focused on their crops. Offering your commercial lawn services to large farms can lead to you getting other farming businesses on your client roster.


A factor that draws a lot of people into housing developments is lawn care being taken care of. Talk to the developers of neighborhoods to find out what they are doing about the lawn care for their homes. Create a contract with them to get a lot of places to do lawn care and even network with some of the homeowners.

Apartment Buildings

While apartment buildings are mostly about the space that they provide for living, they also often have yards that need to be taken care of. Many apartment building owners have several properties, so you may get a two (or three) for one deal with these.

Car Dealerships

Most car dealerships don’t have a large amount of grass, or any, that needs to be taken care of, but there is still some. Offering your services to car dealerships may not be the most lucrative choice for your commercial lawn care business, but it will surely give you the opportunity to network with people who work at and people who come to the car dealership.


Some hospitals have their own maintenance team, but those that don’t have this special sector need to hire out for their lawn care needs. Many hospitals don’t have a lot of ground to cover, but will pay a decent amount of money for their commercial lawn care to ensure that it looks perfect.

These ideas should all be appealing to your business and should make you want to get out there and show off your services. Let us know which ones you think will work best for your area.

If you’re interested in starting a lawn care business and would like more information on the industry, check out how to start a lawn care business.  

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