Top 10 Hairstyles To Feature At Your Hair Salon

By Savannah Runge

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 Are you at a loss for the right options to offer your clients at the hair salon? Do you need a change in your daily hair routine? There are many hot new hairstyles that you can choose from to make sure that you are staying on-trend with all of the new styles. We have taken the time to round up all of the new hairstyles and conveniently put them right here for you. Feel free to add your comments so we know which ones you love the most.

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1. The Bob

Two years ago, it was all about the lob, but we’re coming back around to the old steady bob. A bob haircut is usually done short, above the chin. It is often flat ironed or left in its natural state to provide a great amount of texture and volume.

2. Texture

Believe us: the right texture is out there. If you haven’t found the right texture for your hair yet, don’t give up. There’s an ideal cut for everyone and getting the right texture is what it is all about. A cut that is textured the right way will allow you to step out of the shower, swipe it a few times with your comb and head out the door, letting your hair air dry the whole way to work.

3. Beach Waves

Beach waves, like many other styles, will likely always be a hot item in the hair world. Girls who rock the beach waves look like they just stepped out of the pool and are going to do whatever girls who live on the beach do. Who wouldn’t want a perfectly effortless look all the time?

4. The Lob

Long + bob = Lob. The lob is like a bob, blunt cut, but it is longer. The lob sits below the chin. It’s a versatile haircut. Great for college students, soccer moms and career women, the lob provides you with the sleek, put together look that so many women desire. But unlike the bob, it is still long enough to pull up into a ponytail for your evening workout.

5. Bangs

Every few years, bangs make their way through the hair circuit. They never really go out of style, though. The hot bangs on the scene are ones that have been texturized and sit right on top of the eyebrows. They’re almost too long, but won’t leave you looking like a sheep dog.

6. Nothing

Many fashion experts are recommending that women take the plunge. Now is the perfect time to shave your dry, damaged hair right off. Women with shaved heads are very popular and you can truly enjoy the freedom that comes with not having to worry about what you’ll do with your hair each morning. Shaved hair gives you the opportunity to show off your facial features.

7. Wild Curls

If you’ve got wild curls, rock them. If you want them, head to your salon and get permed up. Big, wild curls are very fabulous right now. It has been said that strength lies in the hair and women who have big curls are a perfect example of how strong they can truly be.

8. Short Tops

If you’re not quite ready to slip into uncharted territory with a fully shaved head, consider getting your hair cut into a pixie style. Textured, angled, short cuts are becoming increasingly popular. Healthy hair bonus: you’ll give your hair a chance to regrow and cut a lot of the damaged pieces right off.

9. The Rapunzel

Hair so long that you can escape from your forbidden tower with it? Hardly. Rapunzel hair is simply long hair. Whether your hair is touching your shoulder blades, your lower back or your knees, you’ve got it going on. Even if you have short hair, there are many options for you to have the Rapunzel hair that you have always dreamed of. Hello, extensions.

10. Top Knots

Not ready to commit to the scissors or a long track of someone else’s hair fused to your own? That’s ok. The topknot is a style for anyone. Think your hair isn’t long enough? Pop it into a tiny topknot using child-sized elastics. It’s cute and functional. As long as you have hair that is, at least, half of an inch, you can top knot it.

All of these hairstyles are on trend for the coming seasons, which means they will be good for at least a couple years. Do you have a favorite?

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