Top 10 Etsy Sellers To Emulate For Your Crafting Business

By Savannah Runge

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 The handmade-filled world of Etsy may not seem like a place where there is a lot of competition, but it is a tough market to break into. For sellers who want to make actual money instead of just peddling their hobby results, it can be difficult to get started. If you’re ready to join the competitive world of Etsy, here are top 10 sellers you can use as inspiration.

Three Bird Nest – Headbands

Headbands are a great item right now. Babies, adults, and children of all ages are very interested not only in headbands but in ones that can be matched to nearly any outfit. With affordable pricing, Three Bird Nest has the headband market locked in.

Simple Shapes – Vinyl Graphics

A printer, some vinyl and the creativity to market to the market’s hardest critic. The vinyl graphics that are featured on Simple Shapes are intended for children and do fantastic in the market. They are able to be peeled off and used on the walls- no glue, tape or pushpins necessary.

Tribal Style – Unusual Piercing Accessories

Want to take a walk on the wild side, but not sure where to start? Tribal Style gives its customers a taste of the tribal look that more nontraditional piercings come from. The store is designed for customers who want to have touches of tribal looks but are not ready to fully commit to the tribe.

Burger & Friends – Clothing

Cats, unicorns, pizza? These are all beloved things and Burger & Friends has made them into clothing designed. Anyone who has every wanted a cat in an astronaut suit shirt would be more than excited to hit up Burger & Friends for their wardrobe finds.

Berkley Illustration – Art

With bold lines, excellent color options and various choices for customers, the team at Berkley Illustration has created an exciting and beautiful environment for their art to be sold. They cater to people who want to decorate their homes, people who love art, and people who need something a little different on their walls.

Festive Home Decor – Home Décor

Pillow covers, ,vases and monograms are just a few featured items at this shop. The owners have created a style that is all their own and it has allowed them to truly flourish in a world where the options for your home décor are limitless. The products that Festive Home Decor offer are unique to the company and created just for their customers.

Purple Possum – Photo Stickers

Who hasn’t taken pictures of their new little one on a monthly basis? Purple Possum makes it easier to do so. They’ve created a market that is suited to a specific group of people- brand new moms and dads. The photo stickers that they have list baby’s age. They can be placed anywhere in the photo or on your little one’s clothes so that all of the pictures have an age on them.

Christy Studio – Handbags

It can be somewhat difficult to break into a market that has thousands of stores that are all offering essentially the same thing- a place to carry items that may be needed on a daily basis. Christy Studio is doing it right, though. They offer affordable handbags that are made of the highest quality materials.

Matte Art – Art

The artwork that is offered by Matte Art is anything but matte. The name of the shop is a spinoff on the artist’s name and he offers prints that look like they came right out of a favorite childhood cartoon. There are many different sizes that are available for purchase to decorate your home or office with.

The Black Apple – Drawings

Vintage, chic, and classic are just a few words that dictate The Black Apple. The artist creates prints that are simple, beautiful, and will fit in with nearly any décor. They are created based on characters, animals and some objects.

Are you feeling inspired yet? Talk to us about which shop is your favorite and which one is going to help get you on the right track for your future Etsy business. You could be the next big thing on this list!

If you’re still in need of ideas for your crafting business check out how to start a crafting business. 

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