Top 10 Brands To Emulate For Your Online Clothing Business

By Becky Pierce

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 It’s a near-guarantee that everyone has shopped at an online clothing retailer at least once. The world operates online and clothing is no exception. While there are many online clothing companies, we’ve narrowed down the top 10 for the 2016-year. Use this convenient list to get an idea of which ones you’ll want to emulate on your online clothing business’s website.


If it comes from H&M, you know that you’re getting a great deal and a great piece of clothing. This online-only retailer focuses around what they can provide their customers instead of focusing on fun advertising and great stores, like their counterpart H&M store. They have similar styles at even better prices.


Love the looks of J.Crew? Don’t love the prices? Madewell is the place to go. The company is a sister store to J.Crew and provides styles that are closely related but still remain different in terms of the way they look. Online shoppers love Madewell because of the extraordinary construction of pieces and great price point.


With brand new styles, trendsetting looks, and a price point made for everyone, Topshop provides everything that you need for your wardrobe. With everything from basic pieces to accessories, you’ll be able to easily (and cheaply) stock your closet.


Department store options with online convenience: that’s what Nordstrom is all about. As a retailer with stores across the United States, they have truly made a name for themselves, but they are now making major waves in the online world. You can shop everything you need in one spot. Pro tip: look for their days and deals where they offer free shipping.

10 Dollar Mall

It’s all in the name. This online store offers tons of pieces for your wardrobe and everything is ten dollars or under. From basics to fun pieces and the hottest styles, you can find what you need at this bargain retailer. It’s a great place to stock up on a budget.

Rue 21

Love the look of this trendsetting company’s clothes, but hate the over-the-top feel of their store? You can get it all with their newly revamped online store. Find everything that you want from the store with just a few clicks of your trackpad.

Go Jane

With their boutique style and excellently crafted pieces, Go Jane gives you a little of everything that you love. They have tons of styles and even offer pieces for people who are tall and petite. The options on Go Jane may seem like boutique, but they are so much more.


While you need a subscription to shop this site, you won’t regret it. The one time fee that you pay is worth the low prices that you get from the shop. You won’t have to worry about a thin wallet while you shop their awesome deals on fun clothes. The site even offers free two-day shipping to make sure that you get your things in just a short period of time.

 Jack Threads

Men often have a harder time finding online retailers who will cater to their needs. Suits require tailoring and there is a huge difference in sizes from man to man. Jack Threads not only gives men what they need in the way of off the rack clothing, but also gives them options to have custom-tailored outfits. All you need to do is enter your measurements and they’ll send you a piece that it totally customized.


This online marketplace is teeming with a little bit of everything that you need, clothing included. The many clothing shops that are on Etsy give you everything from custom-knitted babushka to a t-shirt with cats in space helmets. No matter what your personal style is, you can find something for you, your mom, and even your boyfriend on Etsy.

You should feel confident about the items you’ll feature on your online clothing website. What trends are you going to follow?

If you’re just getting started and would like more information, check out how to start an online clothing business. 

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