Top 10 Ice Cream Sundae Ideas

By Carrie Robbins

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Is your ice cream shop lacking something?

Maybe you’ve been uninspired lately about the ice cream sundae flavors that you can offer your customers, or you simply want some new ideas to offer your clients.

Our top 10 ice cream sundae ideas should leave you feeling inspired and ready to add some new things to your menu.

1. Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae


Putting a chocolate chip cookie in your sundae might not be the most original idea, but putting your sundae in a chocolate chip cookie sure is.

Make chocolate chip cookie dough, but instead of spooning it out into balls on a cookie sheet, form it around the bottom of a muffin tin for the perfect chocolate chip cookie bowls.

2. Nutella Sundae

While Nutella may not be the easiest topping to drizzle over your sundae creations, when it is mixed with some fudge or melted chocolate syrup, it has a much thinner consistency.

Chocolate isn’t the only thing you can mix Nutella with.

Try strawberry or caramel syrup mixed with Nutella and drizzled on top of a sundae for a surprisingly delicious twist.

3. Apple Cider Caramel Sundae

Who says you can’t eat sundaes during Autumn?

This flavorful treat combines the best things of the cool season.

Apple cider and caramel blend nicely on top of some vanilla bean ice cream.

4. Concord Grape Sundae

While these grapes are not thought about when you’re eating desserts; they add a tart element to an otherwise overly sweet treat.

Sprinkle them on top of a chocolate and vanilla sundae for the break up of flavors that you sometimes need to balance out all the sweetness.

5. Maple Bacon Sundae

The bacon craze may be over, but you can still offer this unique treat.

Customers may be skeptical about a sundae with bacon, but you’ll, at least, get them with the unknown factor.

People will be flocking to your sundae shop to test out this treat- and most of them will end up loving it.

6. Caramel Popcorn Sundae

Two delicious dessert items combined into one with this flavorful sundae.

The cold creaminess of the ice cream will be broken up with the crunchy caramel flavor.

Pro tip: Make it with a chocolate ice cream base to get the rich chocolate caramel flavor with just a hint of saltiness from the popcorn.

7. Dark Chocolate Cherry Sundae

The health food sundae because dark chocolate is good for you, right?

You can start out with maraschino cherries- a traditional sundae topping.

Or, you can try this delicious sundae with Bing cherries- much more flavorful and not as sickly sweet.

The dark chocolate goes nicely with either one.

8. Apple Pie Sundae

What happens when you take the most important elements of apple pie a la mode and combine them together?

Apple pie sundaes of course!

It doesn’t have to be the fair season for you to give this sundae a go round.

Just make sure that you’ve got all of the elements of an apple pie.

Bonus: You don’t even need apples in this treat, just be sure that you have plenty of apple pie spice.

9. Breakfast Sundae

No, we don’t think that you should pile your sundaes high with bacon and eggs, but we do think you should get on board with the breakfast craze.

Pancake bites with syrup drizzled over ice cream are one version of this frosty morning treat.

Another way that you can do it?

Crush up cereal and sprinkle on top.

Our favorites are cinnamon toast crunch or fruity pebbles.

10. 5 Layer Sundae

Much like layered dips, this sundae has several elements.

Start with chocolate syrup, add a layer of ice cream, pour some strawberry syrup on top, add more ice cream and top it off with caramel drizzle.

Who says you have to stop at five layers, though?

No matter which sundae you choose to add to your menu or if you want them all, your customers will be delighted to see some of these unique ideas.

While many of these have different elements to them, they are all relatively simple for you to make.

Tell us which ones you think your customers will love.

Interested in starting an ice cream shop? To find out more about the ice cream industry and the increasing number of people getting into the industry you can check out how to start an ice cream shop. 

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