Top 10 Best U.S. Cities To Start Your Campground Business

By Nick Alford

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Do you have a passion for camping?

Many people who open campground businesses have a genuine love for camping and want others to enjoy the campground that they have worked to build.

Because there are so many factors that go into starting a campground business, they can easily fail.

One factor that you need to consider when starting your business is the location.

Our top 10 best U.S. cities to start your campground business will tell you right where you can drop that pin to ensure success. 


Fenwick Island, Delaware

This island, just a little ways from Ocean City, Maryland, is the calm counterpart to the often wild night (and day) life seen in the neighbor city.

While Fenwick is a relatively small town, there is still plenty of space available to set up a campground.

Campers can enjoy the relaxing beach atmosphere and get the boardwalk experience just a few miles down the road in Ocean City.

Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

You don’t have to be from New York City to love the Pocono Mountains.

Tucked right into the Appalachians, Stroudsburg is the perfect small town for tourists and campers alike.

The traditional New Yorker tourist spot is also home to some of the best scenery in the North, and there are tons of mountain lots available to build your campground on.

Now, will you choose to go with a rustic campground or more of a glamping experience?

Auburn, California

This charming town has the best to offer of NorCal.

There are so many things that your campers can do nearby, and the views are unbelievable.

With only a short half hour drive to Sacramento, it is the perfect destination for any campers who want an experience that combines a little bit of rustic with a little bit of tourism.

Pro tip: Be sure to have visitors check out the Auburn-Foresthill Bridge nearby.

Billings, Montana

While Montana may seem like the perfect place for all rustic campers, Billings will give your campers the civilization that is sometimes required when taking a camping vacation.

Miami, Florida

You obviously don’t want to set up a campground right in the center of the city, but the towns in surrounding Dade County are the perfect places to lay down your campground.

Just be sure to keep an eye out for ‘gators! 

Wilmington, North Carolina

A little beach, a little small town, and a lot of fun.

Wilmington, while less popular than some of the other North Carolina destinations, will give your campers plenty of things to do while they are visiting your campground.

Steeped in rich Carolina history, this is the place for history buff campers.

Blacksburg, Virginia

As a place that is very close to the popular Virginia Tech, Blacksburg gives you the best of the city life while just a few miles from the Appalachian mountains.

Choose a destination that is close by, like Narrows, for an ultimate rural campground.

Juno, Alaska

While this destination may not be quite as easy to get to, plenty of people come to Alaska to camp.

Just make sure that you prepare your campground for the demands that accompany outdoor life in Alaska.

Flagstaff, Arizona

Warm weather camping happens year round in Flagstaff.

This popular tourist destination is the perfect place to lay down a campground.

You will likely get tons of tourists who are looking for a little different way to do their vacation.

Canton, Ohio

While Canton may not have the woodsy areas and rustic feel to it, it is a perfect place for a campground because there aren’t many in the area.

People who live in this sleepy Ohio town will love the idea of having a campground.

Individuals who are visiting for the nearby city of Akron or relatively close Columbus will like having the option to camp instead of staying in a pricey hotel.

Beware, though, of those bitter Ohio winters.

The best part about starting a campground?

You can do it virtually anywhere in the United States.

Many campers are looking for the newest and unique campgrounds, so let us know where you think you’ll set up camp at.

Interested in starting a campground business? To find out more about the campground industry and the increasing number of people getting into the industry you check out how to start a campground business. 

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