10 Tips All Pet Sitters Need To Know Before Starting A Business

By Mike Gomez

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puppy chewing on cage

Do you have vast knowledge in dog training? Do you want to teach your clients how to train their own dogs, but you just aren’t sure how to do it? If yes, we’ve got the tips for you right here. With the top 10 tips for training your dog, you can be prepared to tell your clients what they can do with their playful pooches. You might even learn something that you didn’t know.

1. Use A Crate

Many people may be concerned about using a crate because they think it is like keeping their dog in prison. This is not the case. Dogs will get accustomed to their crate rather quickly and will learn to love it. Don’t use the crate to punish the dog and the pup will begin thinking of it as his or her “room.”

2. Don’t Use Punishment

The last thing that you want to do is punish your dog. Your new pal will be looking up to you as a leader and will expect you to properly train and encourage him or her. By using punishment, you will cause them to feel like they will never get it right and will never be able to please you. Look to more positive reinforcements instead.

3. Reward, Reward, Reward

Did your dog paw at the door to go outside? Don’t be mad about the scratches, praise him or her for knowing when it was time for a bathroom break. Consider using small treats and always rub your dog down when he or she has done a good job. This will teach the pup positive reinforcement for good behaviors. Ignore the bad behavior.

4. Set A Schedule

Like young humans, dogs also thrive when they are on a schedule. Make sure that you are feeding your dog, taking him or her out to the bathroom and making playtime at the same time on a daily basis. Your dog will be less likely to be concerned because he or she will know what to expect.

5. Name The Dog

Your dog’s name should be the very first thing that he or she learns. This one isn’t even hard. Find a name that you like and begin calling your dog by that name. Talk to your dog on a regular basis and they will soon learn their new name.

6. Stick To It

Consistency is key to having a well-trained canine. Make sure that, as with the schedule, you are consistent with everything. Establish the alpha early on and stick to it. Decide who is going to be rewarding the dog and doing the majority of the training, especially if more than one adult lives in your house.

7. Come First, Everything Else After

Getting your dog to come is the first thing that you will want to teach him or her. Teach your dog to come by saying, “Fido, come,” or something along those lines. Make sure that you give your dog a treat when he or she does come to you. A great petting session will also encourage your dog to come to you any time that you say the two words together.

8. Stop Biting, Now

Many puppies will nip and bite. This is something in their playful nature and many people ignore it because it’s cute and they are only puppies. Beware: a nipping puppy could turn into a biting dog if it is not trained properly. Do not turn to methods like hitting the pup on the nose or holding the jaw shut, just lie down and act like you are in pain. You may be surprised that many dogs will understand that their owner is hurt. They will not want to bite anymore.

9. Dog Time

Do you remember last week when your toddler had an accident on the kitchen floor? Yes, he or she probably does too. Your dog? Not so much. Puppies have a short attention span and may not remember something that they did 10 minutes ago. Reward immediately.

10. Have The Patience

Above all else, have patience when it comes to training your dog. It will not be overnight that he or she is properly trained, you will probably have to clean up messes and you may feel like giving up. Remember why you wanted a furry friend in the first place.

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This list is a great way to get started with dog training. The expert tips will help you to get a jumpstart as soon as you begin your puppy training. Which one will you remember the most?

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