Growth Strategies You Are Not Thinking About

By Tom Egelhoff

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We’re always on the lookout for great growth strategies to share with our readers.  If you’re like us or if you’re someone who wants to grow his startup, then you’ve probably heard of Rob Walling.

Rob is a serial entrepreneur, author, and podcast host. He has shared his experiences from over a decade as a self-funded startup founder. With tens of thousands having been inspired by his incredible and humbling bodies of work on startup business growth.

Levelling Up! | Rob Walling

Rob started out by building web apps 16 years ago. He then made the leap from consulting and then into the business of software products around 2008.

He has created a number SaaS apps with the most popular ones being Drip, a marketing automation software and HitTail, a longtail SEO keyword tool.

Rob talks about the challenges he faced as a self-funded startup business and the various things he did to work around them.

Through his experience, he considers hiring as one of the usual challenging bottlenecks bootstrapped or non-venture backed startups face.

He, being the type of entrepreneur who likes to work alone, handled his startup on his own for a time.

But as the company grew, he realized he needed help.  He says that the fact of the matter is, as a bootstrapper, you really don’t have any money to work with in the beginning.  He was able to make do by hiring contractors for admin jobs and development tasks.  They’re not the best but they’re the cheaper alternative. They’re also good enough to take your startup to a point of profitability.

But this does not come without its challenges.  Outside contractors work remotely most of the time.  Because of this, it’s almost impossible to develop a company culture.

This could become a bottleneck that ultimately slows down company growth.

“Levelling Up!” in business for Rob is hiring much better people over time.

The video also talked  about marketing on different platforms can change due to the costs of getting a single customer. This is also affected from the different attention spans of its users as well.

Deciding on content to attract different types of people with can be a confusing thing, so where do you start?

Rob suggests in the video that existing content your business already has can be used and re-skinned to be more attractive to potential buyers.

Content from previous podcasts, ebooks, and paid webinars can be used to opt-in potential buyers and grow your mailing lists faster.

Creating a wide variety of useful but accessible content can pay dividends and get your business up and growing much faster showing off your brand and business as something worthwhile.

Sure, having a huge following can help especially with marketing and promotions. But getting that first buy is more important than creating a huge following that isn’t guaranteed to be profitable at all.


Starting up a business is a challenging and a risky thing. And it’s probably crazy to start one alone. But it’s not impossible!

Rob Walling has proven that being a single startup founder can turn an incredibly great profit if you put an extra level of attention and thought as well as the strategies that would make it grow

With the proper care and attention and having the knowledge that your business isn’t only just for making a profit for profit’s but rather to deliver a desirable image to your brand and products.

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