How To Start A Worm Farm Business

By Nick Alford

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You can start a worm farm with very little upfront costs. This makes it a great option for an entrepreneur looking for a new venture with little risk.

However, you must know what you’re doing in order to make it work.

This article, and the purpose of our Worm Farm Mastery Guide is to ensure you’re successful. 

Are you a green thumb or do you simply love being outside in the dirt and setting up a garden?

Do you enjoy doing it and think of it as a hobby?

Do you want to provide healthy food for yourself and others?

If you can easily say yes to one or all of these, then starting a worm farm business may just be the perfect thing for you.

How Big Is The Worm Farm Industry?


It is a lot more common than you may have originally thought, and the popularity is only rising.

There are millions of individuals that want to find a healthier route and limit the usage of chemicals.

The demand for castings, a byproduct worms create when they digest organic matter, is increasing tremendously.

People want to use fertilizers that are safe for the foods that they eat and the plants that they grow.

You may notice that you will be the busiest during the spring times although you will have work continually throughout the year.

Why Starting A Worm Farm Business Now Is A Good Idea 

Starting a worm farm is beneficial because you’ll get to create something that is safe and have the ability to share it with others. 

There is a huge green movement right now and people want to improve the quality of their foods by using the best fertilizers.

There have been outbreaks of e-coli and salmonella at different restaurants, and your customers are seeking locally grown foods in order to keep themselves safe from disease. 

You could start this any day and anytime, no school education is required, and it is virtually recession proof.

Not only will you enjoy being your own boss, but you will also likely start earning money quickly.

Worm Farm Business Facts

Worm Farm Business Startup Costs

You can start for under $1,000 or as low as a couple hundred.

After all, you only need the food, worms, dirt, and material.

You don’t need to worry about hiring any workers; the worms will work around the clock.

How Much Do Worm Farm Businesses Make?

Worm farms generally generate anywhere from $15,000 -150,000 each year.

Of course, it may be nothing more than supplemental income when you are first learning and getting started.

Like any business, you’ll need time to build your business’s infrastructure and clientele.

How Much Do Worm Farmers Charge?

You should look at comparable operations in the area when you are deciding what price you should sell your worms and fertilizer for. 

Typically, a pound of worms can be sold for anywhere from $8-15.

A pound of fertilizer can be priced anywhere from $5-20.


What Do I Need to Start a Worm Farm Business?

Not many supplies are need when you are starting up the business.

You will also be able to get a lot of these items for cheap.

Of course, you will need to purchase worms (decide on which type you want), a bin, dirt, vermicast, feed, and pay for your states legal requirements.


Can I Start From Home?: Yes

Average Startup Cost: $200 – $1,000

How Many People Work In The Industry (US)?: 2 Million

Average Earnings: $15,000 – $150,000 annually

What Skills Are Required?: There are none. Whether you are new to the field or an expert, you will be able to start a worm farm as long as you have the worms, other equipment, and can follow the necessary steps.

How Do Worm Farmers Find Customers?: Most of your clients will probably be people looking for fresh fertilizers. Businesses who grow foods will also appreciate your worm farm. When you are starting up you’ll want to remember to advertise specially to these types of customers. They could be gardeners, businesses, or farmers, like yourself.

Detailed Startup Costs

Worms: $70

Dirt/Worm Bedding: $80

Legal: $250

Feed: $100

Bin: $50

Vermicast: $50

Total: $600

Worm Farm Business Ideas

If you have a great deal of knowledge about worm farming, people will appreciate that and want to learn from you.

If you would like to make more money after your business is open, you could sell guides on worm farming, and organic gardening books for customers who are novices in the field.

Remember that you want your business to remain profitable so you should keep a blueprint and a log to record your sales and ways you can continually increase your revenues.

If you do not have containers to keep the worms in you can alternatively use plastic bags; they are cheaper and work just as well.

Do you want to learn how to DIY your Worm Farm?

Worm Farm Business Name Ideas

Worm Paradise                                                                                                         Eazy Recycling

Worm Recyclers                                                                                              Green Team Worms

BioWorm                                                                                                                      Wiggler Farm

Natural Worm Farming                                                                                              Worms Work

Wiggle Worms Farm                                                                                                    Vermi-Cycle

Worm it Up                                                                                   Den’s Worm Repurposing Farm

Worm Society                                                                                                         The Worm Hole


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