How to Spot the Next Big Trend in Digital Marketing Before Anyone Else

By Adam Boyd

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Gary Vaynerchuk is blunt, cocky, and extroverted and it may take to you as a surprise when you’re seeing him in person for the first time. But that strong character shows the brilliance of his success that has allowed him to remain an iconic figure in the digital marketing industry. His constant burning drive to get ahead and always find the next big trend motivates even the laziest to get up and create some success for himself without getting bored while doing it.

He lives for the hustle, as he mentions it in his keynote where one time his friend wished that he was Gary. And he responded “Remember when you went out to Jersey Shore and had a good time with those girls? While you did that, I worked.”

Gary never seems to stop working and you have to respect that dedication to the grind!

Attention is the Game | Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary can spot the next big trend before it even becomes one!

But how does he know?

From his experiences building his WineTV empire on YouTube, 2-3 years before YouTube was even a big deal. And how he made use of Google AdWords‘ digital marketing platform before people even knew what Google was earning him a now-laughable 5 cents per click back then.

That’s how.

Although he worked tirelessly away, he saw no returns financially or even socially until years later.

Yet, he saw the incredible potential social media and digital marketing held way before anyone even considered it. He saw that there was some big money to be earned in the digital marketing industry and knew that all it would take was a little bit of innovation and patience!

In the video, he pointed out our alarming obsession with our phones and the shortness of our attention spans.

Gary stated that our attention is constantly on our phones and 53-54% of that time is spent on social media.

So, what’s the big deal about these technologies? How have they managed to take up literally half of our time?

Social Media & Mobile are winning big now and looked to be the main highlights of digital marketing in 2016.

Gary believes attention is the game. And he believes Facebook is great at this game.


It’s because Facebook bought Instagram and WhatsApp. It’s also because they have Messenger, Facebook Video and Facebook Live.

And we have to remember that at a time when people thought the offer was way too high, Facebook attempted to buy Snapchat for $3 billion.

From this standpoint, Facebook very much seems like it’s on top of the digital marketing game!

They have managed to grab as many social networks as they can. And they know that going all-mobile was the way to go.

We’re “living through the biggest shift in technology”, Gary says in his keynote speech.

Bottom Line

The market isn’t waiting for us to arrive at the latest trend.  It’s constantly shifting.  And it could be pretty bad if you don’t start to adjust to it.

But on the upside, it can be great to know that there will always be something new to capitalize on once it’s out.

Get to know the emerging markets and platforms and meet your consumers head-on rather than waiting for them to come to you!

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