Smoothie Bar Equipment Needs

By Carrie Robbins

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The Top 6 Ideas for Smoothie Bar Equipment Needs

Idea 1: Blenders

Blenders are essential in a smoothie business because they’re the primary method for creating the smoothies at the high volume needed for a retail operation. 

Katom Restaurant Supply recommends the convenience of in-counter blenders to add the entertainment and quality control in preparing the smoothies as your customers watch.

High horsepower machines with noise dampening features will give you the durable, quality equipment needed for the constant use of your machines.

These high horsepower blenders will be able to endure constant use while not detracting from the ambiance of your shop with an inordinate amount of noise filling the air on both sides of the counter.

Idea 2: Ice Makers

Ice is a staple ingredient in smoothies so you will need a steady and reliable source of ice.

Therefore, ice makers that produce flake or nugget ice are an indispensable necessity in a smoothie bar.

Under counter, varieties work well for small shops.

Larger operations may need multiple ice makers, including a full-size unit at the counter and a large unit at the back to store extra ice for busy times.

Idea 3: Storage, Preparation and Serving

Depending on whether you are making the smoothies from mixes or all natural ingredients from scratch, you may need a juicer, knives, dicers, corers, slicers, cutting boards, scoops, spoons, spatulas,  measuring cups, storage containers, a refrigerated prep table, a walk-in refrigerator/freezer, as well as smaller refrigerators in the preparation area for easy access. Cups and spoons will come in handy for serving the smoothies as well.

Idea 4: Drink Mixes

Storage containers, shelving, scoops for various smoothie mixes, frappé mixes, and organic additives keep your ingredients within easy reach at the preparation counter.

You will also need storage for health boost ingredients such as non-fat yogurt, almond or soy milk, flavored waters, avocado, spinach, cucumber, almond butter, oats, cottage cheese, tahini, seeds and nuts, berries and protein powders.

Idea 5: Paper Supplies

Napkins are a staple in any restaurant.

If you have a standalone operation, you may also need to stock restrooms with toilet paper, toilet covers and paper towels.

You may want paper towels in your smoothie preparation area for cleanup, too.

If you do not have a computerized ordering system, order pads will also be a must.

Idea 6: Sanitation

Garbage cans and trash bags are basic, but you will also need brooms, mops, buckets, towels, scrub brushes, sinks, dishwasher, detergents and bleach, and wet floor signs.

Thermometers for the refrigerators and freezer will help you keep the temperature within the healthy range for compliance with health codes.

Idea 7: Office Supplies

Cash register and receipt supplies, computer, printer, printer ink and paper, phone, file cabinets, desk, chair, ordering system, paper, pens and pencils, payroll and bookkeeping/accounting programs.

Are you interested in opening your own smoothie or juice bar? Check out how to start a juice bar business for tips and information on starting your own juice bar.


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