How to Dominate Your Market with Growth Hacking

By Keren Kang

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5 Steps to Growth Hacking

Walk through Perry Belcher’s 5 steps of Growth Hacking by jumping over the hurdles that slow your business down. All of the largest companies dominating today’s markets each have some form of variation of these growth hacking steps. Work this system into your business and get ahead in your industry today!

Startup Growth Hacking | Perry Belcher

If you haven’t heard of Perry Belcher, you obviously haven’t done your homework on marketing. He’s the co-founder of Digital Marketer, the founder of Native Commerce (inducted into Inc. 500’s List of Fastest Growing Companies of 2016), a MASTER copywriter, and the entrepreneur of our dreams. Perry has been selling digital and physical goods for over 30 years in over 23 different industries.  He has been known to take a company from $0 to $10M in less than 16 months!

Perry Belcher is also the principal advisor here at Startup Jungle, which is great for you, our reader. We wanted to share this video he made to walk you through the process of growth hacking, and how you can apply it to your own business.

First, a disclaimer: If you are a small thinker, this is probably not for you!

Growth hacking, as what Perry illustrates in his video, is shortcutting the normal growth cycle of a business, by overcoming the hurdles that are slowing down its sales and dampening its profits.

Perry, in this video, assures that by following these 5 steps of growth hacking, you will also have your opportunity to dominate your market, and like any other “800-pound-gorilla business” –from the likes of Starbucks, McDonalds, Amazon, and Home Depot—you’d be able to “annihilate” your competitors.

Over the years, Perry has “perfected” these 5 steps of growth hacking and “proven” them effective at his own digital marketing company. Tens and thousands of students have benefitted from learning these 5 growth hacking steps from him.  He believes that the students he shared this knowledge with are now accumulating hundreds of millions – maybe even billions of dollars a year as a result of following these 5 steps of growth hacking!  You too will soon find yourself earning as much, if not more, from your own business!

We cannot just sit and wait for successful multi-national companies to give away their best kept trade secrets on how they have made it in their businesses. So in this video, Perry decodes and shares with us what he calls “the biggest secret on earth” on how to promote and market a business so that you too will eventually “grow, dominate, and take over” your market. This, we assure you, does not need any magic!

Learn more about these 5 steps of growth hacking by following the video:

  1. The Lead Magnet
  2. The Tripwire
  3. The Core Sale
  4. Profit Maximize Sales
  5. Customer Return Profit

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