Top 10 Food Truck Recipe Ideas

By James Coop

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The food truck industry has had tremendous growth over the last few years. With so many great choices and locations, entrepreneurs are finding that the food truck industry is a cool, fun way to make a good living.

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1. Old Faithful BBQ Ribs

Ribs have been on the food truck scene long before the trucks were even there. Ribs can be done in many styles: Carolina, Texas and honey BBQ are just a few you can choose from. Be sure to spice up your varieties so your customer base will never want anything else.

2. Handcrafted Hand Pies

Haven’t heard of a hand pie? It’s okay, most people haven’t until they visit a food truck. Hand pies, also commonly called empanadas, can be found in food trucks around the country. You can make yours with meat, cheese or even pie filling for that special treat.

3. Perfect Paninis

If you’ve been living under a rock, you might be questioning what a Panini is exactly. It is essentially a sandwich that is squashed down and grilled to perfection. You can think of it as a beyond-glorified grilled cheese with all of the fillings that you want. Offering customers peach and ham or feta and turkey will skyrocket you right to the top with all of the foodies flocking to your truck.

4. Personal Pizzas

A pizza on a food truck, you say? It might be a little hard to grab an extra large double meat, but personal pizzas are the perfect option for people who need to just pop over to the truck for lunch. By including a large variety of toppings, your customers will never get bored with the options you have.

5. Gourmet Burgers

Bacon cheddar, anyone? Consider this old classic when you are coming up with the design for your food truck. Burgers are back and in a big way. Make sure you include all of the toppings: relish, mayo, and mustard are what really make the burger something a cut above the rest.

6. Breakfast Doughnuts

Donuts may not be the easiest thing to make on a food truck, but consider giving it a shot. You will be able to give your customers breakfast right out of the truck. There aren’t too many food trucks that serve breakfast, so consider the large customer base you can get from starting up a food truck that serves donuts and coffee only.

7. Hot Dogs For Hot Days

Okay, it doesn’t really need to be a hot day to have a hot dog, but any day is hot in a food truck. What will set you apart from the traditional hot dog stands and other food trucks is making your gourmet. Hot dog toppings like relish and mustard will get you by but consider chilies, Gouda cheese, and even some bacon to make your hot dogs really stand out.

8. More Than A Taco Stand

Taco stands are all over the place, but that doesn’t mean you have to be their competitor. Try coming up with a fun alternative to the traditional tacos that people are so used to seeing on the food trucks and stands all around the city. Breakfast tacos, Italian tacos, and sweet tacos are just a few options that will be sure to draw people into your truck.

9. Seafood Smash

In your seafood truck, you can offer your customers everything from lobster rolls to crab cakes and all of the seafood salad sandwiches their hearts desire. The best thing about seafood is that it is so versatile. You can cater to people who want a quick sandwich while you are also catering to the foodies who may be looking for the perfect crab cake this side of the Old Bay.

10. Comfort Food In A Truck

Macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, fried chicken: if your mouth isn’t watering at the mention of these foods, you may not have had your first run-in with comfort food. These are the food that people flock to in the cold months when they’ve been broken up with or when they are having the worst day at the office. While these foods may sound like the common option at a certain fast food chain, customers will be pleased that they don’t have to hit the drive-thru on lunch break.

All these recipes are tasty treats. We hope you enjoyed our top 10 food truck recipes. Which one is your favorite?

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