The 4 Most Insane Outdoor Light Fixtures We’ve Ever Seen

By Adam Boyd

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Lighting up your outside doesn’t have to be all about chili pepper lights and globular fixtures that come with a builder-grade patio.

We’ve come across some great outdoor lighting ideas, and these are 4 of the most insane things we have ever seen.

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Redone String Lights

From cupcake liners to painted bulbs, you can use just about anything to redo the string lights that you have leftover from Christmas and other holidays.

These lights are easy to use, last for a long time, and take up minimal energy.

You can use the colored lights to show off a more dramatic side, or you can use the white lights to add some elegance and class to your patio or deck.

No matter which type you decide to use, always make sure that it is safe to redo them or add elements to them.

You should always use string lights that are labeled for outdoor use.

If you are using cupcake liners on your string lights, take them off before it rains or when you are done entertaining for the evening, otherwise they will be ruined.

Industrial Ship Lights

You don’t need to live near the docks to get an industrial ship look in your backyard.

If you are going for a nautical theme on your deck, it is a good idea to find lights that match the theme.

While you can purchase brand new replicas of ship lights, making your own is just as easy.

These lights can be purchased used in thrift stores or even surplus stores and will add a touch of authenticity to the décor of your deck.

Make sure that, if you’re making your industrial ship lights, that you use elements that will work with the lights and are up to state and local codes.

You can purchase lighting elements at a craft store, and you can add them to the lights for a touch of something new.

Bonus: A simple way to update these old lights? Stick a few tea lights inside and light them during events. This takes minimal effort but you’ll get the soft glow of these tiny candles.

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Rechargeable Rocks

If you’ve got a pool, these rechargeable rocks are exactly what you need to place next to it.

They are modern while remaining classic and the best part is that they are rechargeable.

While you can use these lights anywhere outside, they are ideal for a pool area because they can be utilized without having to plug them into any electrical outlets.

These lights are great for people who want to “go green” because they don’t require batteries or even the use of electric on a regular basis.

They will hold a charge for several uses, and they will work well despite the level of charge they have.

They will begin to fade once their power runs out and that is how you know it’s time to charge them.

Upcycled Street Lights

Every year, street lights get sent to landfills and dumps where they’ll sit until they become incinerated or just deteriorate.

You can salvage some of these street lamps before they even make it to the dump by upcycling them into outdoor lighting.

Similar to how you would upcycle an industrial ship light, you can add your lighting elements. 

Even if you don’t want to put an actual light in the street lamp, they make excellent accent pieces for your deck or patio.

Just make sure that you have removed all of the electrical aspects.

If you plan to redo them with your lighting elements, you must remove the power wiring and the bulbs that they come with.

For a touch of whimsy, consider painting them a bright neon or pastel color.

Lighting fixtures can truly add some character to your home through your deck or patio.

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Tell us, have you seen any insane lighting fixtures? What were they?

Interested in starting an outdoor lighting business? You can find out more about the industry, how much you can expect to make and more when you check out how to start an outdoor lighting business. 

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