Welcome to The Biz Dev Bible. This book will serve as a guide to you – the startup entrepreneur – as you develop your business. It covers everything you need to know in a handy, easy-to-read and easily navigable format designed to get you armed with the knowledge you need and out into the world as quickly and effectively as possible.

What is business development? The term has come to mean a lot of things over the past few years (especially with the advent of the Internet,) including IT programmers, engineers, sales and more. In The Biz Dev Bible, we're committed to staying focused on the basics: This e-book contains the set of projects, processes, policies and practices you will use to implement growth opportunities for your business. We want you to know the principles that are tried, tested and true for startup entrepreneurs just like you.

In this book you'll learn the elements of business development, from prospecting to approaching, from pitching to closing, and even networking and business development strategy. There are also handy tips and tricks, broken up by section, to guide you through some of the hairier parts of capitalizing on growth opportunities and expanding your business's capabilities.

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